China is poised to crack down on Hong Kong's democracy movement. We welcome the tens of thousands of Hong Kongers who have joined ProtonVPN and @protonmail to protect their privacy. We're proud to #StandwithHK

Working on a project that uses [Digital Object Identifier](, or DOI, to keep track of several data points.

If someone uses my tool to request a resource that they have not yet initialized, I give them a friendly reminder at the start of my error message:

"No DOI"

The other day I went on the FSF forum and told people they should be nice... to a woman.

Troll harder than that.

asking for a friend 

If if a dude accidentally does something a bit creepy, is it better to stfu and leave or apologize first? Assume the other person didn't feel the need to point it out, but it was obvious in retrospect.

If you can't avoid Slack but want to inject , Jitsi (video conferencing and screen shares) has a handy "add to slack" button, lower right corner of their home page.

Just tested it out with a co-worker; worked in Firefox and Chromium.


Today I found out I've been sitting next to Addie.

(bandcamp job listing, click "unusually" in "unusually well-loved")

"The world is not divided into countries. The world is not divided between East and West. You are American, I am Iranian, we don’t know each other, but we talk together and we understand each other perfectly."

Big picture, in the next decade, I would like to see:

1. Federated free software services become the dominant platform for social media and messaging.

2. A more privacy-oriented and cryptographically-literate public, and simple, standard free software tools anyone can leverage for this purpose.

3. Open hardware, especially RISC-V, becoming the dominant approach for new hardware development.

4. Recapturing the mobile market from proprietary walled gardens, instead favoring models which put the user in control of their devices (e.g. pmOS).

5. Average (read: non-SV CEO) technologists becoming more politically engaged, including running for and winning offices, and using political will to reinforce the above and start making a difference outside of tech

My colleague at the Catalyst Cooperative summarized their work:

"Help climate advocates get big wins with data analysis."

We can't wait around hoping for a Green New Deal.

Tonight I'm sitting down with a colleague from the Catalyst Cooperative. We're going to take some time to study what Seth Godin can teach us about marketing, so we can apply it to Catalyst's sustainability work.


Regulators only have 1 chance to make this right,especially as Europe considers the #DSA! ⁦⁩ nails it when he talks that #interoperability has a role to play! Regulating Big Tech makes them stronger, so they need #competition instead


Majority of Americans know they're under constant surveillance, don't trust the companies doing it, and feel helpless to stop it

NYTimes article notes that the EPA will be intentionally disregarding research linking toxic pollutants to health problems, because money in politics.

Nothing will be fixed for us. We must repair on our own.

Wealth is not what can be extracted from the ground or built on the backs of other people's misery. Clean air and water, healthy food. People willing and able to take care of one another. No other bottom line is worth the cost.

Taking note that the "scratch your own itch" advice didn't get me moving nearly as fast as going out and volunteering.

Why do so many technical blogs use their entire screen width for lines of text? It feels like I'm using my eyeballs to mow a lawn.

PSA: If you have some pages published, PLEASE review Butterick's Typography in Ten Minutes with CSS open in an editor.

Regardless of what happens in the upcoming US election:

If you have not noticed that Marianne Williamson is becoming one of the most on-point thinkers and speakers of the current era, you are missing the plot.

My preferred tool for time management is Wekan as hosted by

Unfortunately, it's going out of business, even though technically they do turn a small profit.

Are you using a Kanban tool that you are happy with? I'm capable of hosting my own thing, but in this case would prefer not.

Chatting with a colleague about business models, because financial sustainability is a thing.

Only three seemed really comfortable: donations, consulting, or software as a service.

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