Majority of Americans know they're under constant surveillance, don't trust the companies doing it, and feel helpless to stop it

NYTimes article notes that the EPA will be intentionally disregarding research linking toxic pollutants to health problems, because money in politics.

Nothing will be fixed for us. We must repair on our own.

Wealth is not what can be extracted from the ground or built on the backs of other people's misery. Clean air and water, healthy food. People willing and able to take care of one another. No other bottom line is worth the cost.

Taking note that the "scratch your own itch" advice didn't get me moving nearly as fast as going out and volunteering.

Why do so many technical blogs use their entire screen width for lines of text? It feels like I'm using my eyeballs to mow a lawn.

PSA: If you have some pages published, PLEASE review Butterick's Typography in Ten Minutes with CSS open in an editor.

Regardless of what happens in the upcoming US election:

If you have not noticed that Marianne Williamson is becoming one of the most on-point thinkers and speakers of the current era, you are missing the plot.

My preferred tool for time management is Wekan as hosted by

Unfortunately, it's going out of business, even though technically they do turn a small profit.

Are you using a Kanban tool that you are happy with? I'm capable of hosting my own thing, but in this case would prefer not.

Chatting with a colleague about business models, because financial sustainability is a thing.

Only three seemed really comfortable: donations, consulting, or software as a service.

I've been hired to write that will help close coal power plants.

Getting paid to write Free Software ought to be more common and achievable. I'm going to learn and share as much as I can to that effect.

Almost nothing is personal, almost everything feels personal.

Near as I can tell, people don't care how many tries it takes to get that right as long as you don't turn abusive.

I've put together a app for people who want to publish a , and nothing else.

Using for my club, would be thrilled to make it useful for others.


Another wooden ball. Would it kill the makers of avocados to include a different toy, like a mood ring or a novelty eraser?

> everyone should have the right to make a living

if you mean "right to access to the means of survival", then sure

but you don't. you mean i should have to buy every day of my survival by selling every day of my life. that's not a living. you're not making anything but some worm rich.

The Cloud is to the free and open Internet as nuclear weapons are to solar power.

Slightly smaller, much shorter lived, about as powerful during the time it stays in operation, built by a group of military-industrial contractors, with highly secret internals, and used as a strategic weapon between nation-states... with the ability to just flick a switch and make things the American government doesn't like go away.

Although that last capability may have a slight problem of fallout.

Have you ever made hiring decisions?

As an experiment - what would you make of a resume where every career step was a testimonial written by someone the applicant worked with instead of the applicant itself?

Apparently I should have encouraged elaboration... Please share your thoughts about it if any come to mind!

You use Signal? (

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