Every time someone wants to remove a marginalized group, they claim they are protecting children. This is bullshit. It is always bullshit.

Stop hiding behind children and just admit you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic.

Somewhere, someone would look at this photo and be really upset... Reveal in alt text.

Coworker was teaching me how to re-image Mac laptops at the rental warehouse:

Me: wait, I didn't turn this one on but it's booting up...

Coworker: oh yeah, that model turns on if you tap the mouse... Or open the lid.

Me: seriously? This thing is like the "senpai noticed me!" of laptops.

Coworker: yeah, kinda. "Oh, you looked at me! I'm gonna turn on now!"

Reminder: when conservatives say them, "woke" = "CRT" = "PC" = "women's lib", and all of them mean "having to treat other people like they're people".

Big Telecom is going all out on a smear campaign against Gigi Sohn. If you want fair and equal access to the internet, development of networks in low income and rural communities, and an end to throttling, please contact your senators. It's free and easy using Resistbot, just text "sign PWRLCU" to 50409. Or DM Resistbot on Twitter.

US friends, if you haven't heard yet, you can now get 8 COVID tests at no out of pocket cost from the USPS. Go to:

Today is 5/12 (in US date format anyway)... Does that mean today is 8 bit day?

ChickenCam is focused on the brooder and new chicks for the next several hours. twitch.tv/ksonney

Just for fun, I took four headshots of Betini from the last two pages of my Pillowfort comic, and made them directly sequential.

I like how this feels.

You can read my comic on Pillowfort here. 32 pages so far, it's a quick catch-up. Low-fantasy almost-humans cursed with Interesting Times.


#mastoart #mastodonart #comics #webcomic

I have seen multiple examples of newcomers to fediverse being harassed by bad actors over the past week.

It is imperative we make moderation more efficient so that administrators and moderators are not using their limited time and energy on problems that we can actually mitigate with smart code.

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Just for fun: The first four pages of my comic on Pillowfort.

I'm reluctant to tell people its name. This is a total reboot and re-write of a comic I initially started 10+ years ago, and back then, it was called "Blikada." That name doesn't make sense now, but I can't think of anything better.

I've decided that, if I can't come up with something else before the end of chapter one, it'll just stay "Blikada."

You can read the whole thing, in hi-rez, here.


Hello everyone 👋 We have a lot of new users, so, welcome! :mastodon:

Just a head up that this instance is moderated by a team who are fairly progressive, and who enforce our rules. If you see something breaking the Code of Conduct, please use the report feature. You can find the rules here: mastodon.technology/about/more

Thank you and take care!

I need help and boosts are welcome!

So I want to include books by and about Romani people, especially because they are one of the most overlooked demographics where I live.

But it's... not easy to find books *by* Romani (or just GRT) authors. The only one I've found (and ordered for my personal collection) has been The Color of Smoke.

Does anyone know of any others?

So now Netflix is blocking a major portion of their non-in-house content of you're using a VPN... I'm a US user, accessing US content, that was paid for, but I can't access it because they decided it's their job to stop people from accessing content that might not be normally accessible in their region. So now if I want to access content I paid for, I have to blow a hole in my network security. Smooth.

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