What happens once I have more followers than Lance Ulanoff has on Twitter?

Okay, I am getting questions about who Lance Ulanoff is. Time for some Mastodon history.

Exactly a year ago today, Lance Ulanoff opened his article about Mastodon with this phrase:

"William Shatner couldn't find me on Mastodon.

This was a problem."

That was the day Mastodon became a shatner-proof network.

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He concluced his article (titled "Mastodon will never be the next Twitter") with this:

"I suspect thousands of other Tooters (blech!) will soon do the same and Mastodon will lay down beside all other other fossilized social media platforms and fade from existence."

Since then, Mastodon grew to 1,300,000 users and 2,000 servers. This is why people bring him up today.

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@Gargron These same people say cryptocurrency is dead. The joke is on them.

@profoundlynerdy @Gargron Two completely different things.

#Cryptocurrency are not dead.

But any #blockchain based #cryptocurrency is a #scam that cannot work long term in real world.


Because it waste #energy that would have better uses.

And you know... energy costs is going to grow.. and grow... and grow... as the Earth's resources finish.

You might get some profit by speculation, but I don't think it's a moral profit. Nor a moral technology, in our resource constrained world.

@Shamar @Gargron You're confusing the database (blockchain) that stores coins with proof-of-work algorithm that secures the network the coins traverse at transaction time.

Blockchains are a linked list containing the hash of the current block's data and the hash of the previous block's data forming a cryptographic chain; it uses storage not (much) energy.

Proof-of-Work is a protocol feature (which uses a lot of energy) for which there are alternatives: quora.com/What-are-the-alterna

@profoundlynerdy @Gargron

You should read that link more carefully.

> To date, all proof of burn cryptocurrencies work by burning proof-of-work-mined cryptocurrencies

> Because creating forks is costless when you aren't burning an external resource Proof of Stake alone is considered to an unworkable consensus mechanism.

Also, the Proof-of-Work is an hash included in the blockchain, distributed and checked by miners.

So, as of today, the #blockchain based #cryptocurrency are #scam.

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