Can anyone recommend a good book on data structures and algorithms for and the ?

@profoundlynerdy Certainly above my knowledge, but the internet archive has a boatload of C64 goodies, including books:

@profoundlynerdy Why doesn't any book on data structures and algorithms work for you? None of this is processor specific.

@profoundlynerdy In most of these book you will not have examples written in any programming language. They are theory books. They teach you the theory of how to write algorithms, not how to actually implement them. It's your job to transform the pseudo code into a real programming language, including all the pesky details the book doesn't care about.

You will not find any of these books containing any asm. Asm is hard to read, which takes away from the job of the book: teaching algorithms

@profoundlynerdy If you want to write large pieces of asm code, then you have to go back to how we did programming back in the 60s and 70s: Draw a flow diagram of the whole program first, then transform it bit by bit into asm.

Yes, there is a reason why we don't do that anymore.

@attilakinali Yeah, the problem is I'm into reverse engineering bits of code for the 6502 for source code archaeology purposes.

So, I have to start with the code and scratch my head for a while. Usually I try to rip out interesting bits and run them by themselves in VICE with the debugger going and crossu fingers hoping to have understanding dawn.

It's really hard to go from bytes to probable disassembly to a flow chart.

@profoundlynerdy The a book on algorithms and data structures will be of little help to you.

While knowing possible algorithms might help, figuring out which one of the million possible ones it is, will not be easy. Not to mention that in most application, very little is actual algorithms in the CS sense but rather functions that do the stuff that need to be done.

You should rather pick up a book on reverse engineering. That should be of more help.

Okay, that's a different use case. Maybe you can search code fragments using Google to see where else they are being used. Are there any 6502 code repositories on GITHub that you can plunder?

That was never my field so I can't comment directly but there are 6502 Forths and there are books on Data Structures and Algorithms for Forth.
I'm not sure Attila really understands ASM, due to the irregularities of instruction sets there are often processor specific best ways of doing things.

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