So I bought a Palm Pilot (have I told you this already?).

I’m still going to revive the Newton, but that’s going to take some time and I need something reliable to store my essential bits now.

It is a Palm Zire (M150). You can get them NIB for about $20 on eBay, they are tiny, light, tough and run for weeks on the internal lipo. I imagine with a small solar panel it would run indefinitely.

Also it has usb, which makes it much easier to sync and it looks like Linux has enough support for it to meet my needs.

The purpose is to have an authoritative source for this essential data that I have control over and can protect. The motivation comes from recent events involving my phone.

Expect lots of wacky integration code from me in the next few weeks.


@requiem This is why I'm a big fan of OSes you can build from source.

is fantastic in this regard, you can turn stuff on and off at build time trivially.

You might also find of interest if you're interested in taking a "modern retro" approach to all of this. It's designed to be ported to *anything* and it's written in which is arguably even more portable than .

As you say, your didn't delete stuff out from under you.

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@profoundlynerdy I’ve heard of Collapse but haven’t played with it yet; thanks for the reminder!

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