Je trouve ça vraiment nul quand Ubuntu annonce une nouvelle release avec un nom basé sur une date, mais que il faut attendre "jusqu'à on sait pas quand" avant qu'elle soit disponible.


@smonff I used to love , now I hate it. It seems to be too in love with Snaps. It feels like "Linux with training wheels."

I moved to for quite a long time. Eventually, I found I was using a lot of stuff that was in AUR but not in the mainline repo.

I have returned to because of its flexibility. I was already compiling a lot of stuff anyway. I wish Gentoo would get some of the love Arch gets. It really is fantastic if you take the time to get to know it. :gentoo:

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@profoundlynerdy snaps are very weird yes, the idea of isolating everything from the main filesystem, dunno, I don't get it. But still it is not so bad and "just works". Maybe I like or need some training wheels...

I was into ArchLinux for 3 or 4 years and still have a server from this time, but it's not my kind of things anymore: I am a very messy person, on the long term I didn't manage to Keep It SSimple. Still I like the documentation Wiki though: nice source of information, even for other distros, I use it often.

Gentoo seems to be an interesting project, unfortunately I never managed to get into it. An important person from both the Perl and Gentoo communities died recently, it was sad

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