This is a long-ass thread, even by my long-ass standards. If you'd prefer to read it on the web, here you go:



Security researchers are alarmed: the already-notorious Trickbot malware has been spottied probing infected computers to find out which version of UEFI they're running. This is read as evidence that Trickbot has figured out how to pull off a really scary feat.



@pluralistic This, friends, is why the industry should have gone with Forth-based .

It's just as capable as with a much smaller code base. Fewer lines of code equals fewer potential exploits.


If Forth scares you, some easier (on the human) language could have been devised that transpiles readily to ANSI . Problem solved.

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@profoundlynerdy @pluralistic Because you said "ANSI Forth" I went side track reading several obscure articles about Forth, which I found pretty interesting. =)

Anyway, what I was looking for was in the first hit: Yes, it was published by ANSI, but goes by "ANS Forth", as in the Forth that is a standard, not the Forth from the institute. Minor nitpick. =)

@clacke @pluralistic Ha! I love interesting side-tracks.... Oh, wait, I have ADHD. 🤦‍♂️

Seriously, I'm glad you found that helpful and interesting.

Forth is a paradoxically primitive and flexible. It can go places even C cannot. It's a reasonably common challenge to have a student implement a Forth interpreter in a language they're learning.

Exercism has a stripped-down version of this for Bash. exercism.io/

In fact, I should probably take that challenge for the fun of it.

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