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Fuck you @Facebook for intentionally hiding . You are enabling fascism. None of this will ever be forgotten.

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No amount of effort is sufficient in this battle against .

In the first phase, we're starting with 5 ambulances & soon hope to have 50 fully equipped ambulances in Bangalore & Mumbai to start with. 1/4

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കഴിഞ്ഞ് പത്ത് പതിനാല് കൊല്ലമായുള്ള ആക്റ്റീവ് വിക്കിപീഡിയൻ ആണ് ഇപ്പോൾ യുപി ജയിലിൽ കിടക്കുന്ന സിദ്ദിഖ് കാപ്പൻ

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UPDATE : Co-Win vaccine registration for 18+ starts at 04:00PM today

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Kerala has initiated procedures for the procurement of vaccines from the open market. Discussions are on with companies. Chief Secretary, Finance Secretary and Health Secretary will consult and place orders as required.

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I'm trying out a new slide in my curl presentation slide set. You know; runs on 86 operating systems, 22 CPU architectures, and... 2 planets.

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I've been building a digital LED clock. Finished this much on sunday 👇 ESP8266 controlling 58 WS2812B RGB LEDs (thats a lot of soldering), OTA updating firmware, time sync with NTP. Built a prototype shell on cardboard with an A4 paper for light diffusion.

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Your textbooks are wrong — this is what cells actually look like

In 1930 the Indiana Bell building was rotated 90°. Over a month, the 22-million-pound structure was moved 15 inch/hr... all while 600 employees still worked there. There was no interruption to gas, heat, sewage, or the telephone service they provided. No one inside felt it move.

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WhatsApp Users!!!!!
A link that claims to be an official update from WhatsApp to turn WhatsApp's colour to pink will hack users' phones and they may lose complete access to their phones.

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Statue of Unity: ₹3000 Crore
Central Vista: ₹20,000 Crore
Ram Mandir: ₹300 Crore
BJP New Party Office: ₹700 Crore

Imagine if they spent all this money on hospitals and health facilities. How many more lives could’ve been saved?

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Photoacoustic imaging let's us see inside our bodies like never before

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LinkedIn data of 50 crore users are leaked and put up on sales.

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Many have asked: Is that a rainbow on Mars? No. Rainbows aren't possible here. Rainbows are created by light reflected off of round water droplets, but there isn't enough water here to condense, and it’s too cold for liquid water in the atmosphere. This arc is a lens flare.

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This had been one of the most popular feature requests and we had been working hard on it for a while😎

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