In 1930 the Indiana Bell building was rotated 90°. Over a month, the 22-million-pound structure was moved 15 inch/hr... all while 600 employees still worked there. There was no interruption to gas, heat, sewage, or the telephone service they provided. No one inside felt it move.

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Photoacoustic imaging let's us see inside our bodies like never before

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Many have asked: Is that a rainbow on Mars? No. Rainbows aren't possible here. Rainbows are created by light reflected off of round water droplets, but there isn't enough water here to condense, and it’s too cold for liquid water in the atmosphere. This arc is a lens flare.

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This had been one of the most popular feature requests and we had been working hard on it for a while😎

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There are 190M+ public repositories on GitHub. Only 250 of them have reached over 28,000 stars in GitHub’s 13 years history. Today Hoppscotch is one of them.

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Folks, if you're cycling, wear a damn helmet. Had a little mishap earlier today and mine probably saved my life.

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GitHub Satellite - Journey of a project made in India: Hoppscotch

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Template strings are a nice way to build up your strings beforehand:

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It's been more than a year since we all went remote. And we asked our team to share a good memory or something they enjoyed during this one year. Here's what they shared. Have a good read.

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With ERPNext v13's new list view, reach your documents faster.

Wider color indicators immediately tell you about the status of documents.

Coming soon!

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Hello Pythonistas!
We're excited to introduce the logo for PyCon India 2021. ✌️🐍

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Its' been a year since we started working from home. A big shoutout to our team who rapidly adapted to and overcame the challenges, and performed exceptionally over the past one year.

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Look, we are not saying you should do this

🚬Butt if you had started a SIP of Rs 1000 a month instead of smoking 2 cigarettes a day, you could've saved nearly 39,000 in the last 3 years in a liquid fund😶

To be clear, we are not saying you should do this🤐

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I’m on the move! Just took my first test drive on Mars, covering about 16 feet (5 meters). You’re looking at the very beginning of my wheel tracks. Many more to make.

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Catalog of Programming Languages for the Enthusiast: Starting a curation on some of the cool indie / lesser known programming language projects I have been stumbling on.

You can get the full listing here: patternatlas.com/v0/pl/

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Kind of surreal to take a photo of the singularly inspiring Bhagat Singh -- a revolutionary voice in 1920s India, who was hung by the British in 1931, at the age of 24 -- run it through the Heritage AI algorithm, and see him reanimated.

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“How do you make the product incredibly compelling to a customer – just become maniacally focused on building it better.” —@elonmusk

@Tesla Model Y awarded 5-star safety rating in every category

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