@prinzpiuz @dansup @pixeldev @pixelfed the ASN associated with your site was blocked by the website.

I get it often because I browse the web from wireguard.krowverse.services (rip=, which is a Digital Ocean IP (AS14061).

VPS infrastructure is used often by attackers and some websites choose to proactively block them.

@prinzpiuz @dansup @pixeldev @pixelfed you did not lose your account. You need to log in from a different IP address and then this message should vanish.

Both my VPS providers are dealing with spam, so falling back to my ISP would be a solution, although it would reveal my true location and traffic.

You will have to decide if staying on Pixelfed is worth it.

Personally, websites who block ASNs instead of netblocks don't deserve my business.

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