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Let me do a proper . I am a genuinely curious individual, born and raised in 🇧🇬, currently living in 🇩🇪. As a software engineer, I have worked on projects spanning , and .

I hate the status quo. I am a natural-born builder and tinkerer. Programming is my way of building things, and so are reading, writing, blogging, and making music.

Last, but not least, I am a long-distance running wannabe, who dreams of running an ultra-marathon one day (a long way to go)

The amount of paper being wasted in the German bureaucratic and commercial machine is so huge that it’s a shame and a crime. It’s sad that paper printing is such a show stopper for a country, proud of building the future of engineering and automation.

The essay is by John Perry Barlow and this excerpt is featured in the song:

> How very like the future this place might be: a tiny world just big enough to support the cubicle of one Knowledge Worker. I feel a wave of loneliness and head back down. But I’m going too fast. I plunge right on through the office floor and into the bottomless indigo below. Suddenly I can’t remember how to stop and turn around. Do I point behind myself? Do I have to turn around before I can point? I flip into brain fugue

that parts of the narrative lyrics of the song “Rhythm is a Dancer” by Snap! come from an essay called "Being in Nothingness Virtual Reality and the Pioneers of Cyberspace"

Aggregations in , yay or nay? IMHO, a good idea, but often what could otherwise be solved by a couple of joins and groups in an RDBMS, ends up becoming a super convoluted aggregation pipeline.

What has your experience been?

I like to remember when at my old company one of the senior developers, out of nowhere, burst out in frustration while working: "Ugh! Who did this? Who put this in the controller? That's so stupid! I've been debugging this for hours! Seriously, who did this?"
We all turned around, holding our breath, and then he, still upset, added: "I was probably the one who did it, by the way".

Last day at the job is over and I feel more than overwhelmed with emotions. I am relieved on one side, and sad on the other. Excited about what’s coming next, but also afraid to let the comfort zone loose. Grown-up life is damn hard.

"Neon and corporate dystopias: why does cyberpunk refuse to move on?"

Cyberpunk has been moving on but the ultrarich, like the folks that pay The Guardian writers' salaries, will never fund cyberpunk that challenges the capitalist/neoliberal status quo, and will never pay you to cover it in their billionaire propaganda rags passing for journalism.

I hate when you ask a question on a forum and the first response is "why would you even wanna do this lol"

TIL that pretty much most jeans on the market today are being artificially processed, in order to soften the denim. Believe it or not, but this sort of “processing” involves washing the jeans multiple times over, often throwing bags of volcanic stones in the washer to help “beat up” the denim and make it softer.

Blue Jeans: Articles of Interest #5 -

the hardest part of open source isn’t creating software, it’s stewarding a community and keeping it healthy is a quiet site where you can watch nice films without any distractions or tracking:

All of the movies are creative commons or public domain titles, embedded from either PeerTube or (There are no YouTube titles due to YT's invasive privacy policies.)

The selection is still very small as we've just started, and we're trying to avoid the "firehose" approach of

Post a reply if you have suggestions for films to be added.

The U.N. building has always reminded me of Scandisk/Defrag

I came to again! The first time in three years and for now, only for a weekend. It was a moment of reconciliation with the past and a way to look at the place with new eyes.

I love it!!! е социалната мрежа за Българи! (Bulgarian instance)

59 Users, 229 Statuses, 120 Connections

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I love that the default Emacs scratch buffer text got into Mario Golf (GBC) somehow. I wonder if this was a mis-copy-and-paste from a developer, or if it was another case of a compiler taking random memory contents and using them for padding in the ROM...

The photo on the top represents my heart’s activity during a Saturday full of physical activity - having walked more than 15 km in total. The photo below it represents a day at the job - mostly, sitting behind the laptop and solving issues. STRESS KILLS!

Started work on a , which will be co-hosted as part of my original blog: Not much yet, but posts and features will come one by one. For now, I need to create a workflow, which will allow me to easily post to it from my mobile phone.

Anyone ever tried to post to a site hosted on Github, using only an iPhone? I heard that WorkingCopy makes it easy to commit and push easily and can be included as part of Workflow/Shortucts

Can’t endorse this thread enough.
I've been writing a lot of JavaScript lately, and I constantly wish that there were an alternative designed by one person, rather than by historical accidents followed by a committee. My kingdom for a Python-like or Ruby-like or even a Perl-like!

I don't know about you, but I feel really exhilarated when I cover a functionality with unit tests. In reality, we can rarely start with the tests up-front (TDD-style), or even cover a functionality with tests before a realese. Deadlines often prevail, you know. Yet, once I cover a feature with enough tests (even after the fact), it is as if a 10-ton rock is falling off my shoulders. I can finally free my head, and move on, without anticipating when the thing will crash in production.

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