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New side project, kinda 

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Let me do a proper . I am a genuinely curious individual, born and raised in 🇧🇬, currently living in 🇩🇪. As a software engineer, I have worked on projects spanning , and .

I hate the status quo. I am a natural-born builder and tinkerer. Programming is my way of building things, and so are reading, writing, blogging, and making music.

Last, but not least, I am a long-distance running wannabe, who dreams of running an ultra-marathon one day (a long way to go)

> Estimates are such a loaded and dangerous endeavor for an engineer. To the point where companies mistakenly talk about estimates like its a “skill” that an engineer can learn. But the reality is that if you can make a probabalistically accurate estimate, then its likely that the task should have been automated by some other means already.

Check out this pretty extensive list of "All things you can put in HEAD of your site" by

If you are planning to build what is generally considered a layered application, would you split your packages into layers (e.g. persistence, logic, presentation, etc) or by domain (user, order, product, etc)?

I guess, both are correct, and coming from Java, I would have split it by layers, but I know that Go developers prefer otherwise.

if you think about it, modern AI is more organic than technology usually is. instead of being built upon abstractions like the ancient lisp machines of yore, a modern neural network is a spider's web of incomprehensible connections, trained for centuries of computing time to recognize the organic.

For athletes, rest is not a reward. It's part of their strict training schedule.

Software teams need the same rhythm of sprinting and resting.

If your team is constantly churning out features, performance will suffer.

An island gets popular on some obscure travel blog.

Travelers discover the beautiful beaches.

Resort hotels see an opportunity.

It becomes a tourist destination. Everything that attracted the travelers is now gone.

Mass tourism.

That's what happened to the movement.

3 things gratitude list 

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Mixtape ( finally offers some veeery baaasic RSS feed generation for every search. When I say basic, it really needs a lot of polishing, but it's there for alpha testing.

Enjoy, and don't hesitate to come back to me with your feedback and suggestions!

I just discovered about:serviceworkers in Firefox .. and boy, did I have no idea how many of them were registered with my browser 🤯

I love so much that I started building my own podcast search engine: 🎉

Early user feedback and support is more than welcome! If you are a podcast producer, let's get your show on board!

"take me down to concurrency city where green pretty is grass the girls the and are"

-- a programmer

Locals and Tourists - a series of heat-map visualizations by Eric Fisher, made...

I am experimenting with a self-hosted microblog. Feel free to follow the updates: @preslavrachev

Offering my Google Pixel 3 XL for sale 

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