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Let me do a proper . I am a genuinely curious individual, born and raised in 🇧🇬, currently living in 🇩🇪. As a software engineer, I have worked on projects spanning , and .

I hate the status quo. I am a natural-born builder and tinkerer. Programming is my way of building things, and so are reading, writing, blogging, and making music.

Last, but not least, I am a long-distance running wannabe, who dreams of running an ultra-marathon one day (a long way to go)

Question, when you make a playlist from several different albums its called a mixtape or mix, right?

So whats the name of the thing when you glue together full albums but rearrange the order so it mixes better?

After reading one more time about the Electron vs Native-Apps discussion, I simply had to think back: From the number of programs an average user could/has open on their machine, I don't think there was a big change in the past 15-20 years.

But our machines went from 64-128MB of RAM to 8-16GB of middle-grade machines. Not to mention the change in the processing power… We do something wrong.

Last weekend, I moved my blog in what seems a small design step, but a serious milestone forward. I added the possibility to write micro-posts, or just about anything that is simply a passing thought, perhaps a sentence requiring no sentence whatsoever.

Not every post can, or even needs to be a few pages long, with a bunch of the research and heavy on media. Sometimes, the most ingenious messages hide in the simple, unfinished sentence.

Say hi to the

If you feel like using in your project but don't like the new requirement of having it deployed next to your app — take a look at

It is a tiny lib that allows you to have mongo-like db right in you RAM or hard drive. It is written in C, but you can find bindings for almost every other platform.

‘German Regulators Just Outlawed Facebook's Whole Ad Business’

“Facebook will no longer be allowed to force its users to agree to the practically unrestricted collection and assigning of non-Facebook data to their Facebook user accounts…”

Also on our forum:

Is keeping a blogroll still a thing nowadays? I’d love to start one and link to blogs that I follow, and hopefully, others would link to my blog as well. Ping me, if you would like to connect.

With the risk of people calling me names, I have started pulling off my old and popular articles off Medium and leaving only a link to my blog.

First one just went down the drain:

The irony of most cookie law acceptance implementations is that even if the visitor revokes his/her consent, the website owner still needs to store this knowledge somewhere, or risk annoying the same visitor over and over again. Guess, where sites store this info.🤔 🍪

My new article is out: "Dependency Injection in Python: The Java Guy's Perspective"

This is a bit of a controversial topic in the Python community. Feedback is more than appreciated.

The amount of paper being wasted in the German bureaucratic and commercial machine is so huge that it’s a shame and a crime. It’s sad that paper printing is such a show stopper for a country, proud of building the future of engineering and automation.

The essay is by John Perry Barlow and this excerpt is featured in the song:

> How very like the future this place might be: a tiny world just big enough to support the cubicle of one Knowledge Worker. I feel a wave of loneliness and head back down. But I’m going too fast. I plunge right on through the office floor and into the bottomless indigo below. Suddenly I can’t remember how to stop and turn around. Do I point behind myself? Do I have to turn around before I can point? I flip into brain fugue

that parts of the narrative lyrics of the song “Rhythm is a Dancer” by Snap! come from an essay called "Being in Nothingness Virtual Reality and the Pioneers of Cyberspace"

Aggregations in , yay or nay? IMHO, a good idea, but often what could otherwise be solved by a couple of joins and groups in an RDBMS, ends up becoming a super convoluted aggregation pipeline.

What has your experience been?

I like to remember when at my old company one of the senior developers, out of nowhere, burst out in frustration while working: "Ugh! Who did this? Who put this in the controller? That's so stupid! I've been debugging this for hours! Seriously, who did this?"
We all turned around, holding our breath, and then he, still upset, added: "I was probably the one who did it, by the way".

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