It’s still OK to use 2x4 in structures that aren’t use as dwellings, but I’m wondering if 2x6 is better for tiny living spaces all around. It’s easier to heat a tiny space, faster too, but they also lose that heat quickly without adequate insulation. The extra 2” for insulation might sacrifice available space, but it might make for more comfortable living

>Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is hurting independent developers

Water is wet. It's working as designed. Get off the platform, idiot.

‪Scientists claim the rest of this sentence has no relation to what scientists actually claimed‬

bad parenting 

Happy Mother’s Day to my sister, who’s been helping care for me instead of my parents since I was a newborn and she was three years old!

Love ya, big sis. <3

Learn to hack, through guided capture-the-flag challenges:
"Georgia Tech’s 'Toddler’s Bottle' exercises are very close to the ideal of a well-motivated exploitation [capture the flag] exercise – they are short, distilled and to the point. To complement them, we’ve authored ... a sequence of guided solutions and lecture notes that walk the reader through the challenges, provide context and perspective...."
#hacking #ctf #capturetheflag #learning

Quick reminder that if you work for FAANG, you are complicit in your employers misdeeds.

Tax evasion, union busting, systemic erosion of privacy, lobbying and regulatory capture... even if you don't work on this stuff, you contribute to a system of capital which funds this stuff. You drink coffee and have lunch with peole who are doing this stuff. And you still deposit your paycheck every month.

Whatever your annual salary, it costs about 1.5x that to employ you, with benefits. The company is doing this because they believe that by employing you, they stand to earn /more/ than that. In effect, even if you don't directly work on this stuff, by working there at all you are giving $employer 6 figures worth of more money to spend on unethical business endevours.

Don't work for FAANG. I will hold you accountable for the deeds of your employer.

If I could invoke real life events with cronjobs, I could rule the World.

I just ran a query that returned 11 billion records, big data is kinda neat? :ablobwobble:

Too broad, I was expecting a few million records, just accidentally kept going by several orders of magnitude. Big data is kinda scary? :catto:

I actually think it would be really cool if the McDonald’s clown man and the kfc Colonel man kissed each other

god please send me to heaven already. i can’t handle another monday

i will destroy every chair on planet earth until there is nowhere left for you to sit except my face

Hey fellow Bi and Pan folks!

Imposter syndrome is super common within our adorable little subsets of the community!

Worried you’re not Bi or Pan enough? That’s the imposter syndrome talking!

But you ARE!
You’re more than enough!
You’re awesome!

Can’t tell you how many memes I’ve saved up while posting albums last week.

Well, I can. It’s six. Six memes.

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