Is mastodon now dead in the EU?

Unless it can screen all uploaded content for commercial material surely it won't be compliant with the new EU 'all your internet belong to us' seizure of the internet laws ( and )

@pperrin Well dead, not immediately. But it will become dangerous to host instances. Some will move underground or out of #EU. Probably a lot of cat&mouse stuff going on for a long time. It will probably hinder mass-adoption.
But maybe I'm wrong, and is federating lots of small instances just the way for escaping #art13


@AstaMcCarthy I understand that TOR is used by state security services and relies on the 'noise' of common users to help hide their communications. So they need the public darknet users to hide the state ones. If true the state cannot afford to shut down the darknet...

Do you know if this is still true (or ever was??).

@pperrin I don't have details about that. I do know that USA government is sponsoring TOR:
I also deem it likely that a lot of exit nodes are run by secrete services to gather intel.

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