Is mastodon now dead in the EU?

Unless it can screen all uploaded content for commercial material surely it won't be compliant with the new EU 'all your internet belong to us' seizure of the internet laws ( and )

@pperrin I imagine the differences in the law and the enforcement will be rather dramatic. Trying to control the internet like that is just plain impossible. They'd have to prosecute basically everyone and block just about every website. It's a completely disproportionate amount of effort to justify actually trying it considering what the return would be.

@OTheB They can selectively prosecute anyone who actually makes any impact. That's how most draconian laws get used.

But the UK can still avoid it.

@pperrin We *can* avoid it, but going that way wouldn't be worth it. Would make a lot more sense to stay, keep a functioning economy and any hope of ending osterity, and then fight to help *all* of the EU get out of this nonsense.

@OTheB Your view maybe 'not worth it' - but it is just one tiny bit of the lamps going out over europe under the commissions control. New businesses blocked so the established big boys can keep coining it and giving the politicians a slice.

@pperrin True, which is why we should be doing all we can to *help* stop that, rather than running off saying "well our entire country is fucked but at least we're not subject to Articles 11 and 13!"


@OTheB Err... under the EU all 28 member states countries are f*cked... (Ok, except Germany economically maybe) - hadn't you noticed?

@pperrin Articles 11 and 13 can be revoked with effort. Us running off, leaving the single market, losing freedom of movement, breaking the good Friday agreement, and losing the protections (from the EU no less) that keep our human rights however... *little* bit harder to undo.

@OTheB If they could really be revoked they'd never have been passed. Everything went into getting them stopped - what do you think could have been done that wasn't?

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