What does it say about the utter impotence of our mainstream democratic institutions that the demographic leading the charge to save our own habitat from destruction is one that doesn’t even have representation? Democracy isn’t a vote, it’s a struggle. It’s giving a damn.

Then again, is it surprising? Kids have nothing to lose. You haven’t managed to shackle them yet with your student loans, your rat races, your myths about professionalism; your manufactured fears and anxieties about managing to subsist in your inequitable societies.

Are you surprised that they are immune to your bullshit? That they are afraid of and anxious about what is truly worthy of fear and anxiety instead of what you need them to fear so you can perpetuate your corrupt and reeking power hierarchies?

@aral You think kids 'discovered' and 'proved' climate change all by themselves? Or have they been indoctrinated into it by the endless promotion of it by 'vested interests'?

@pperrin @aral the entire scientific community "settled" and "proved" climate change and kids were "indoctrinated" into it in the same way they were "indoctrinated" into gravity

@valrus @aral Would that be Newtons gravity or Einsteins or some other model? How do you think gravity propagates? Or is it just a word you have learned to repeat?

@pperrin Does my reasonable belief that gravity exists depend on having answers to those first two questions? Do you require this level of rigor of everyone who believes in the scientific consensus on any subject?

@valrus It is up to you what you believe - but it is wise to recognise the difference between knowing something, believing something or just accepting something. Even more so when you are commenting on what you think other people (kids) should believe.

@pperrin my dude, that is precisely and unambiguously what you were doing in your comment I originally responded to. Bye.


@valrus I asked a question... you made a statement... bye.

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