What does it say about the utter impotence of our mainstream democratic institutions that the demographic leading the charge to save our own habitat from destruction is one that doesn’t even have representation? Democracy isn’t a vote, it’s a struggle. It’s giving a damn.

@aral You mean how long has a vested interest in the way things are altered how we effect positive change? :P

@AraneaeDiscordia @aral climate change promotion is just another vested interest. Partly different vested interests, but the really powerful back every horse, so will win either way (a balanced portfolio).

The only 'solution' is to stop stealing peoples earnings then there is no tax pot to be raided by anyone, and then people can decide for themselves how to use what they create.

@pperrin @aral yes and no? Making sure the climate is livable is not the same thing as making one's mortage. If you think taxation is theft, you're not paying attention. Look at the culture of corporate spending; how they use their money, what their goals are. They got that lack of taxation here in America. What did they do with it?


@AraneaeDiscordia @aral Making people poor does not improve their lives, it makes their lives shorter.

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