I dont know why but recently I'm kind into films made in the 90s.

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last hour of 2018: peacefully change my server config to counter bad guys.
first hour of 2019: calmly reboot my server after I locked up all possible access and suspicious ips.
to be continued: contact host service it support after completely messed up my server.

another thing is, that suspicious website loads extramley slow, slower than media streaming website like youtube, that means server got loads of work to do, fetching http may not be the priority( evil server busy brute forcing random victims)🤔

Just find out someone broke into my empty server from a company's website server. the weird part is, I'm not even sure whether that website really belongs to that company, cause it almost looks more real than the official one but without domain name. however if its not the case, why would someone using a website server to perform attacks? it doesnt make sense at all🤔

its such a depressing and sad feeling that you know you wont and you cant go back to your old groups of people anymore, yet deep down you know part of you are just like them even though that part is what you trying to get rid of. I guess thats why someone once said DONT HOLD BACK , GO FORWARD!!!!!!😭

stuck on some stupid configuration for 2 days for gods sake😭

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Australia just made Man-In-The-Middle attacks required by law. They call it "the ghost" and every #encryption connection has to be open to the government.

Good luck with that.



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Reddit can sometimes be a dark, poisonous bog of Internet hate-slime.

But sometimes, it's sheer gold. 😆

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