Just got two quotes for home security systems to satisfy our homeowners insurance requirements. Both were clearly terrified of their new competitors like Simplisafe but then quote us $50+ per month monitoring fees.

Damn you Twitter. Must see Trump’s brain exploding in real time…

Twitter doesn’t update unless you force it to. Mastodon updates and scrolls what you’re reading out of view. There’s a happy medium somewhere.

@podperson it’s a picture of a juvenile kookaburra I took last week. Just testing image upload.

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Mastodon should figure out how not to ask for your instance when you log in.

Programmer working for airtime. I love building stuff from scratch with solid foundations. I often settle for building things from scratch with wonky foundations.

I love games, photography, movies, SF, politics, and of course TV. Really mostly just games and TV.

One of the dumbest things on Twitter is the char limit. I really think posts should be unlimited in size and just show a limited amount of stuff until you click on them. Instead twitter has these nutty chains which are inconvenient to read and write.

All the char limit does is encourage annoying workarounds.

How many users are on mastodon? I take it that interaction across instances works but not as well as it should?

I’m trying out mastodon because I want to quit Twitter and not go back

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