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Plan B: British colloquial slang for "Let us try Plan A again".

The Deep Impact probe is thought to be lost due to a software malfunction similar to the Year 2038 Problem.

(8 years after completing the primary mission)

multiple arguments. First of all he asked me if I knew C and then if I had learned about pointers. So I explained that they were taught to me using the example of a long road with many houses and that you could talk about a house using the house number or by placing an arrow outside it. The arrow was special because you could move it around as needed. I remember him smiling and then proceeding to explain printf() to me using this model.

This is who you should strive to be. Not Linus, not Theo.

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Expanding on the previous toot: I met dmr when he visited Italy in the late 70s to talk about Unix at the University of Milan. He spent an hour on the talk and God knows how many hours answering questions. My memories as a child are of a burly man with an American accent talking like a "kind giant" about stuff I loved. Right at the end I built up the courage to go and ask him something which bugged me enormously at the time (remember, this is pre-ANSI C) which was how printf() managed to have…

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One day I would like to put all open-source operating systems developers in one room and put one single slide on the screen:

"There is only one Donald Knuth and you are not him.

And no, you are not even Brian Kerninghan or Dennis Ritchie¹.

Learn to manage your ego."
¹ I have actually met dmr as an 8 yr old child and asked him to explain printf() varargs to me² which he did in the kindest, gentlest, non-condescending way.
² Yes, I was taught C & Lisp aged 6. Explains things, right?

me: *says things about small computing*

literally everyone: B-b-but big computing! Scale, performance, market fit, standards!

me: I'm talking about small computing

them: But big computing, so you're wrong

Apparently the Swedish Air Force have a tradition called Julgransflygning (Christmas Tree Mission)

So in the Nordics the War on Christmas involves the actual Air Force…

#brexit is back where it started so many years ago. A Tory inner-party power struggle. Risking the future of a whole country because party before country.

In five years "Cloudless" will be a major hype.

Better add it to your CV today!

… but I know that if it was possible, then most people would just disable access modifiers all the time.

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If only I could disable all access modifiers in Java…

This would make it easier to write a proof of concept illustrating why I need the upstream developers to relax the access modifiers in a closes source project.

Today I looked up a bitcoin address from one of these Sextortion scams out there: Two victims had fallen for that specific variant. 😢 😠 😢

What can we do? Is it of any use to report addresses as scam?

"Welcome to Magic School. Here is your schedule."
"Thanks! But..."
"This is just 'Ethics' and 'Human rights' and things like that."
"Correct, that's the first year curriculum."
"Do we have to learn all this?"
"Of course! What do you think this is, software engineering?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

So there was a big protest today by schoolkids who blew off school and marched in the streets over government inaction on climate change.

The Prime Minister has said they should be less activist and focus on their schooling instead.

I just saw this sign. These kids are great.

#auspol #protest #activism

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