Politics — US vs. Middle East 

So apparently "Iraq did not knock down the World Trade Center" according to Trump.

So let me guess. It was the Shia Muslims in Iran that made bin Laden do it?


hot opinion, politics, "left" vs "liberal" 

@zatnosk And those who would be considered right-wing liberals in the US spectrum has co-opted the term Libertarians instead.

hot opinion, politics, "left" vs "liberal" 

@zatnosk The liberal spectrum covers everything between cold neo-liberal laissez-faire economical liberalism only concerned with the freedom to earn money to social liberalism mostly concerned with civil liberties (and then some).

Europeans mostly focus on classical liberalism whereas the US mostly use the term for social liberalism.

In Denmark we have neoliberals (LA), semi-classical (V) and social liberals (R), ranging from considered right wing to center-left.

@sysosmaster @HYPERLINK And even then…

Bitcoin is a monetary unit using the Bitcoin blockchain as distributed ledger.

If you want to do non-monetary stuff, there are other blockchains more suitable.

I am currently working on a project using

Beside , is there a Hibernate Console/REPL tool that allows me play with queries with minimal compile/reload time?

@kartar On Quora (and other places) you see a lot of questions like "Is the UK still part of Europe?"

After I started using Atom as editor, all my Java code imports sun.net.www.content.audio.wav

It is the first hit when auto-completing ':w'

@gboyd42 I guess that for any area of interests (tech, cars, exercise, food, and so on) we can ask "What is the veganism of you area of interest?"

How do you recognize a Tesla owner?

– Don't worry. He will tell you.

Apparently there is no quantum entanglement between blood kins. This means that acupuncture performed on the parent does not heal the child.

At least the article “Discussion on quantum entanglement theory and acupuncture” has been retracted.


@zatnosk (Actually it was a self-booting version of KQ1, but LSL makes for a funnier story)

@zatnosk This first game I played that required English proficiency was Leisure Suit Larry – not sure if I should brag about any "first words".

One of the autocomplete search suggestions my browser gives for 'Jo' is 'John Bercow'

… Imagine surfing for images of female individuals using emails with a 1 hour round trip.

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My first exposure to the internet was during high school ("Gymnasium" in Denmark). One of the teachers maintained a unix system exchanging email using uucp.

Somehow I found a copy of "Doctor Bob's Guide to Offline Internet Access" and I began mailing several email gateway services.

This was around 1995.


Google Translate do not know how to translate "litigious" into Danish.

That must prove a point about cultures…

@doneljan IRC bundled with a browser? Was that a thing?

This was the national Network Operators Group. A fair amount of the attendants was old farts from when IRC was *the real time chat platform*

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