Google Translate do not know how to translate "litigious" into Danish.

That must prove a point about cultures…

Remember Clockwork Orange?

This is a scene from the movie compared to the location today. Clockwork's grimey world looked like there was still a bit of hope left compared to the crushing hopelessness of reality.


Today I looked up a bitcoin address from one of these Sextortion scams out there: Two victims had fallen for that specific variant. 😢 😠 😢

What can we do? Is it of any use to report addresses as scam?

I am convinced that the word 'pasta' is the plural of 'pastum'.

"Please note that our unsubscribe procedure can take up to one week"

I now about "eventual consistent databases" , but what the actual fuck are you using!?! How is that even?

Not acceptable!

that the now common 44.1kHz sampling frequency was chosen by Sony not only because it satisfies the Nyquist threshold for human hearing, but because it was easily implementable in both NTSC and PAL video tapes.,100_H


When is Week 1 of 2019 according to US week numbering?

Wikipedia says that January 1th is part of Week 1, but my ncal(1) seems to uses another week numbering system.

Project manager not fond of markdown? No problem, pandoc(1) to the rescue...

Have to boost this from twitter: @WeRateTypes:

Meet Hindley-Milner. Very classic type system. Would let it infer all my code any day. Γ/10

time (this time I just couldn't resist): "If the word "Europe" was adapted from the Greek mythology "Europa", what was modern-day Europe's name before?"

– Before the Greeks, when dinosaurs roamed the fertile lands of what is now Europe, it was called “This Land”.

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