that you can 'pin' columns in the Mastodon web client – and then you get a new right most column.

And I have been looking for an 'add column' option without luck.

@pmakholm I really like this pinning feature combined with lists. Suddenly, I have a separate "home" timeline of a select few people :)

@zatnosk Yeah. I have used the same feature with Twitter/TweetDeck for some time with two semi curated lists and two searches.

Nice to see that I can do the same on Mastodon. (Especially as I learned of TweetDeck by getting on Mastodon).

@pmakholm I keep finding myself thinking "I wish this feature existed," only to have someone point out that it does, in some deliciously subtle way I wouldn't have thought about.

Wow, that was a bit hidden...
And you can also re-arrange them by unpinning and repinning in the order you want.

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