I have my ups and downs with WSL2 for running Linux inside Microsoft Windows.

When it works I can conform to company IT expectations and have most desktop problems being Somebody Else Problem, while still doing my actual work in a safe, familiar environment.

But when it doesn't work I experience the worst of both world: Lack of support and lack of technical transparency.

My first issue was conflicts between Hyper-V networking and a Corporate VPN both needing to take control of the routing table.

At least I could inspect the routing table in Windows.

Now that is fixed for me (partly by changing company).

Now I seem to experience problems with Hibernating crashing my WSL instances. This time I seem to be completely without logs or other sorts of transparency into what breaks.

Jeg kan ikke WSL. For mange restarts er krævet i løbet af ugen. Den får lov at tøffe docker og så holder jeg mig til Linux i fritiden. Irriterende, og øv.

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