Conversion Theory and ABA treatment of autism is the same thing.

But it is only recently that I learned that it not only looked liked the same thing. It is literally the same thing.

On the "blockchain isn't decentralized" thing, technically a #blockchain system is distributed redundant storage of a single database. It's not a decentralized database system. But this kind of subtlety in distinction gets lost easily within hype-laden tech journalism.

By sheer volume of hype, blockchain systems were able to appropriate the word "decentralized".

OH: "Out of the PoC solution"

I guess it means "We agreed on a proof of concept project, but we kind of started using it for production and now we're stuck with it".

Or I've might have heard "out of the box" wrong.

The thing about large language models like GPT-3 and Lambda describing the experience of being self-aware is they can also describe the experience of being a squirrel.

Der der følelse når man endelig har annonceret sin afsked...

Farvel til GlobalConnect. Nu skifter jeg til IT-vendor siden, men skal stadigvæk arbejde med dokumentationssystemer for internetudbydere.

It going to be magik. #JobNyt

I've tried to split the account I follow into a 'mostly Danes' and 'mostly tech-people'.

If I have unfollowed you from this account I have probably followed you on instead.

My first computer: a #ZX81 won at the local supermarket!

Futuristic design, from the Sinclair logo to the flat keyboard to the cover of the programming book.


Everything you need to know about the faddishness of modern JS

My 5 year old son wants to play some modded Minecraft content on our Nintendo Switch.

I have postponed it for some time, but it was actually quite easy as soon I decided to ignore crappy tutorials created for the youtuber generation.

Now he is using PaperMC with the GeyserMC plugin on an old refurbished MacBook.

I need to reread “No Silver Bullet,” because folks sometimes use the term to mean “something that should be used in all circumstances,” but I’m pretty sure at least the *primary* meaning was “something that provides an order-of-magnitude improvement in the software development process,” which isn’t identical.

Someone messages you "hi" on Slack. What do you do?

Question from my young colleague: How do you connect to at Linux server over serial console?

Me: Haven't done that for at least 15 years.

Me ... googles in silence ...

Me: Ohhh, just use screen(1) 'screen /dev/ttyS0 9600' or something.

Hvornår går ok computer fra at være et radiohead album til et skældsord imod AI assistenter?

Terrible game idea: Conway's Game of Tetris

Like ordinary Tetris, except every time a block drops, the board evolves a step according to Conway's Game of Life rules.

Someone must have already made this, right?

My favourite swipe typo of the day: "Norse cancelling headphones". Presumably that means Bluetooth is turned off.

I think Word Perfect was the first word processor I used. I was 9 at the time.

Today I still find myself missing the "show formatting" option, when I'm working with editor fields with text formatting.

Much to my surprise WordPerfect still exists:

Saw this version of a meme in my feed and read it as "Nobody want to run their own sewer in 2022"

It made sense from an anti-libertarian viewpoint.

It also somehow made sense when I got to the Discord sewer part.

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