Politics — US vs. Middle East 

So apparently "Iraq did not knock down the World Trade Center" according to Trump.

So let me guess. It was the Shia Muslims in Iran that made bin Laden do it?


I am currently working on a project using

Beside , is there a Hibernate Console/REPL tool that allows me play with queries with minimal compile/reload time?

After I started using Atom as editor, all my Java code imports sun.net.www.content.audio.wav

It is the first hit when auto-completing ':w'

How do you recognize a Tesla owner?

– Don't worry. He will tell you.

Apparently there is no quantum entanglement between blood kins. This means that acupuncture performed on the parent does not heal the child.

At least the article “Discussion on quantum entanglement theory and acupuncture” has been retracted.


One of the autocomplete search suggestions my browser gives for 'Jo' is 'John Bercow'

… Imagine surfing for images of female individuals using emails with a 1 hour round trip.

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My first exposure to the internet was during high school ("Gymnasium" in Denmark). One of the teachers maintained a unix system exchanging email using uucp.

Somehow I found a copy of "Doctor Bob's Guide to Offline Internet Access" and I began mailing several email gateway services.

This was around 1995.


Google Translate do not know how to translate "litigious" into Danish.

That must prove a point about cultures…

I always use 'paste as plain text' or 'paste without formatting'. In my experience it always do the right thing.

Except yesterday I needed to copy something from an old mail to a new mail in Chrome/Outlook 365. Pasting as plain text didn't do the right thing with newlines.

That is the first time I've seen that.

Thursday I attended a conference that had an IRC channel for social chatter.

I didn't bring my laptop, so I tried to install an IRC client on my Android phone.

The first hit had an 'In app purchases' label…

What the fsck...

time: "Should we start storing the year in 5 digits to avoid the Y10K bug?"

My answer: No, we have actually learned something since Y2K, specifically to use more expressive types like an actual Date type.


According to the Danish law my computer's clock is 0.07 seconds off.


(Not really , but Tom Scott made yet another excellent video)

After a few weeks of experiments I have decided to convert from preferring little-endian to be a big-endian proponent.

…at least when it comes to how to peel an egg.

What my boss says: "We want to be the leading Cloud provider"

What I hear: "We want to be the leading Smurf provider"

It just happens automatically…

Remember Clockwork Orange?

This is a scene from the movie compared to the location today. Clockwork's grimey world looked like there was still a bit of hope left compared to the crushing hopelessness of reality.

via @richard_littler@twitter.com

A bit like blockchain technology, but better…

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Something incredible is happening on reddit. I'm tempted to say these people have way too much time, but this is legit amazing. #RecursionFTW

🐦🔗: twitter.com/nick_kapur/status/

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