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Peter Makholm

humanity has so much knowledge and technology that they aren't able to teach the next generation how everything works anymore.
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Optimist: AI has achieved human-level performance!

Realist: “AI” is a collection of brittle hacks that, under very specific circumstances, mimic the surface appearance of intelligence.

Pessimist: AI has achieved human-level performance.

Confused about ?

JP Sears on Bitcoin is the best thing ever:

"Bitcoin is the veganism of the financial world"

Second massive way Python's indentation is a huge fail:

You want to quietly comment out a line in your script, like say an if statement? Delete that conditional, just make that code always run.

Haha lol nope

No really nope.

You gotta massacre that poor if statement, destroy your indentation, remove all traces and any way of quickly reverting it, otherwise it's an


Serverless architecture – also known as "Devops, but without ops".

Personally I can't see the difference from other pieces of empty rhetorics of "building a better world".

Saying "We need digital citizens, not mere consumers." is not real action. We need it to say "A digital citizen understands software development, therefore within 5 years programming should be part of a regular school curriculum".

Any opinions on the ?

An open letter to everyone
who shapes technology on the values that guide technology today.


@jon_valdes your purpose in a job interview is:
1- Making sure you'd be happy in that role in that specific company
2- Convincing the interviewers you're a good fit for them, both on a technical and a personal level.

And for that you need knowledge. About yourself, about the work, about the company, future coworkers. About research in that field (at least a broad idea of where things are going). Some of that is impossible to get until the interview itself, but for everything else, _research_!

Project manager not fond of markdown? No problem, pandoc(1) to the rescue...

I love experimental beers and micro breweries. But sometime you just have to say 'No!'

@halcy pretty glad we also do this in canada

they give you a pencil, you put a big X on the one you want

it's good

p.s. while we're all in awe about how hilariously bad the vote tallying software is, here is A Thing: Despite this, since germany uses hand counted paper ballots, actual fraud that is not caught pretty much the same day is _exceedingly unlikely_, practically impossible. Even if results were modified in flight, somebody would notice practically the moment results are published. That's what a hand counted paper ballot system that anyone can fully understand and observe gets you.

My first reader reports that my #systemd #writing experiment worked, so:

"Savaged by Systemd: An Erotic Unix Encounter" by 'Dale Whitehead' should be out before EuroBSDCon.

My the Great Cthulhu have mercy on the tattered rag I call a soul.

Those "we will do something exactly like X, but with Y added" projects are always very suspect.

I've seen that a lot with game development. "I will make Doom, but with jumping, from scratch, in a few days" — completely ignoring the fact that Doom took several years to make by a very dedicated and experienced team working full-time.

So when I see those "we will make a laptop, only completely open" or "we will make a phone, but with privacy features", I'm very skeptical.

Uber chooses new CEO, ending contentious search.

– I vividly imagine scenes from Richard Morgan's science fiction thriller 'Market Forces'

@Gargron Initial Coin Offering, like an IPO but The Regulators Aren't Paying Attention, at least not until recently. Essentially enables non-accredited investors to buy 'shares' in a bunch of speculative blockchain-based businesses that are almost certainly worthless or a scam. People are making a LOT of money out of them

The attack is estimated to have cost Danish shipping company Maersk Line about US$ 300M in lost revenue.

News in Danish:

time: "How similar is Linux to macOS?"

– It really depends on where you come from. As a die hard CLI user I find them nearly interchangeable.