Ever had the experience that you could solve all your problems if only that single method wasn't protected?

The Reflection API saves the day!

If only profiling code was as nice and simple as profiling code was 10 years ago.

Just need a simple per line or per block statement profiler for a single method…

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A nice side effect of going from Chrome to Brave is that the active tabs is more clearly marked compared to the theme I used for Chrome.

Happy mailman day…

I am apparently still on one mailman list with monthly password reminder that I can't disable…

"Please note that our unsubscribe procedure can take up to one week"

I now about "eventual consistent databases" , but what the actual fuck are you using!?! How is that even?

Not acceptable!

It takes three step to login to Wrike:

1) Write your username and press next.
2) Write your password and press next
3) Decide if the browser should remember you.

In the good old days all of this only required one step.

I understand why Venture Capitalists with "open source investments" resent that Amazon are successful.

But as a developer I can not go to my boss and endorse a project that makes it hard to get hosting or get consultants.

So is effectively expelled from my toolbox.


Anyone using Junos PyEZ to connect to many devices using SSH ProxyCommand?

I am experiencing some file descriptor leakage and wonder if others see the same?

The conference rooms at $work has been renamed from DoIt, ChallengeIt, and DevelopIt to Conference Room 3.0.1, Conference Room 3.0.2, and Conference Room 3.0.3.


(That is Building 3, Floor 0, Room 1-3)

Spend half an hour trying to get LibreOffice open an document.

Apparently somewhere on my workspaces I had a LibreOffice Writer with a modal pop-up blocking all other interaction with any LibreOffice instance.

Modal windows are bad user experience!

18 years after the last relevant release of StarOffice the Debian libraoffice package still installs an /usr/bin/soffice script

that the now common 44.1kHz sampling frequency was chosen by Sony not only because it satisfies the Nyquist threshold for human hearing, but because it was easily implementable in both NTSC and PAL video tapes.


via @BrunoPhilipe@twitter.com, twitter.com/BrunoPhilipe/statu

*get idea for project*

*consider best medium for project*

*always decide on web*

*realize that I despise front-end, know absolutely nothing about html/css/js*

*spend hours making a dysfunctional frankenstein from bootstrap templates*

*give up, promise to never make a web-project without finding someone for front-end*

[[GOTO 0]]

"Solarpunk is a rebellion against the structural pessimism in our late visions of how the future will be." – solarpunkanarchists.com/2016/0

Growing up with dystopian cyberpunk as the main "modern" SF, this sounds intriguing, though a bit boring.

#TIL: the modulo operator in JavaScript doesn't perform the (mathematical) modulo operation; it performs the "remainder" operation, which is the same for positive numbers but different for negative ones. rob.conery.io/2018/08/21/mod-a

HT lobste.rs/

Mastodon is a trip because people are like, “Content Warning: Twitter exists.”

Commons Clause

– Just like open source except as a hosting provider you may not provide it as a service and as a consultant you may not propose it as a solution.

Good luck with that.


#retrocomputing tonight. This was actually my first computer. 100 3-digit decimal memory locations, one accumulator, ten opcodes. Operated with pencil, eraser, and sliding pieces of cardboard, with a cutout ladybug as the program counter. Later I designed my own using the HP-2100 instruction set.

I have a pinned column showing toots tagged with (meaning 'Today I learned')

It is amazing to follow what all of you learn, from the obvious to the obscure. More of that, please.

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