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Peter Makholm

I have a pinned column showing toots tagged with (meaning 'Today I learned')

It is amazing to follow what all of you learn, from the obvious to the obscure. More of that, please.

OH: "Spoiler, or as they call it in science, The Abstract"

From today attempt at recruiting me: "My cleint is called Billy".

Thanks but no, I think.

When is Week 1 of 2019 according to US week numbering?

Wikipedia says that January 1th is part of Week 1, but my ncal(1) seems to uses another week numbering system.

And then, of course, implement something not quite unlike OpenSC's engine_pkcs11 on the (web) server

It might be possible to implement some sort of PKCS #11 over HTTPS in JS – but you might need to implement the browser side certificate handling as well if the W3C Web Cryptography API don't provide access the browser's own certificate store.

Is it possible to create a webmail that supports client cert auth from the browser to the imap server?

I guess that the answer is no, but I am not entirely sure how client certs works.

I have been shied away from Java and Microsoft languages for too long.

The type inference is much nicer than bondage and discipline typing of C and Java.

After one day with the language:

– Reified types are nice
– Extension functions are nice (especially to enhance a Java API with reified types)
– Delegation is too restricted to be useful

And it enables med to to nice things in a REPL with my existing application

Interesting article about preventing malicious attacks through software bugs: "Chaff Bugs: Deterring Attackers by Making Software Buggier"

But doesn't this also prevent independent security researchers from investigating software?

File Under:
Memes I can't share on Facebook because no one will get them so I share them on Mastodon because someone MIGHT get them

I believed that the way was "There's more than one way to do it" and the way was "There should only be one way to do it".

But then Python invented distinct "assignment as expression" and "assignment as statement" syntaxes.

After a year employment at a Danish telco I finally get my first spam to my private mail account concerning SFP and QSFP modules for cisco and juniper equipment.

What took them so long?

1) There are championships in speed pole climbing.

2) The ground speed of the Moon will hit the lowest speed on May 1st, 2025.

What am I doing, you ask?
– Reading What if, of couse…

#13reasonswhy: Opinions and mild spoilers Show more

#13reasonswhy: Opinions and mild spoilers Show more

Every time I am in a Git working tree I would like to have a specific directory from the repo in my $PATH.

This seems to work:

about all the Files related options to 'git rev-parse' and my first use of $PROMPT_COMMAND

about Template Databases.

I am currently doing some development that can potentially delete a lot of data.

Restoring from a pg_dump takes several minutes but restoring using "CREATE DATABASE test_env FROM prod_snapshot" takes 3 seconds.

Got an invitation for…

"Dock connects your profiles, reputations and networks into one sharable source…"

Amazing, just what I have wanted for years

"…using blockchain technology."

Aaaand my interest promptly vanished in a puff of hype.