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The next FOSDEM will take place on 1-2 February 2020 at our usual venue, Université Libre de Bruxelles (thanks ULB!).

See for venue location and other useful information. The site will be updated further in the coming months.

Bought two Lisp books and a Rust book. Guess where I am heading ;)

BTW anyone notice empathy starts at 30? If ever ;)

Got off pain killers and opioids! It is painful but bearable. I can fully breath :). Man I was lucky, it could have been so much worse.

We are using Racket on the backend, but now have to deal with JS. What is the recommended way? ClojureScript is one route, but my experience with that is that I don't like the engineering and the JVM requirement...

Last Monday I was hit by a car on the road (on my bike) and
fractured 8 ribs in 14 places. Also my left shoulder is hurt. I landed on that shoulder and the ribs took
the brunt of the fall. Good news is that pain management is working
and I can already read and write. I also have a small concussion
(probably). It all means I'll have to focus on bare essentials for a
few weeks. I am writing this with some pain. Damn that driver too who came out of nowhere on a 'safe' stretch and did a hit and run.

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"guix deploy" is in git master! Amazing work @jakob ! (and thanks for co-mentoring @dthompson for co-mentoring)

Give it a spin and see what you think!

My 4th of July toy is a raspberry with Hifiberry fiber output. Close to zero quality loss until it hits the DAC in the Onkyo amp.

Scheme hackathon in Birmingham Alabama planned: Hot bed of great stuff!

First day of coding in a long time which means I am getting some peace! Figuring out how to mix drracket and emacs...

Thanks to @chfi digging into Rust now. I held that off for a long time. May end up with Scheme and Rust and D.

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Even though I can call myself a biologist I see biologists as a different kind of species.

Going through the racket documentation for the first time. It is impressive. Note: :mastodon: has no symbol for :racket:!!

Locked myself out of a server again after a reboot. Either network or serial was supposed to come up. Neither did. Next week a hike to the machine room.🐼 :linux:

Also got a T480 from work. No love there. They just don't make good laptops any more (even discounting the bios issue). I am waiting for the makers to come up with something good. We got there with mechanical keyboards ;)

Now I have come out of the closet about hating Python I find there are many many like-minded people

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