First day of coding in a long time which means I am getting some peace! Figuring out how to mix drracket and emacs...

Thanks to @chfi digging into Rust now. I held that off for a long time. May end up with Scheme and Rust and D.

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Even though I can call myself a biologist I see biologists as a different kind of species.

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Going through the racket documentation for the first time. It is impressive. Note: :mastodon: has no symbol for :racket:!!

Locked myself out of a server again after a reboot. Either network or serial was supposed to come up. Neither did. Next week a hike to the machine room.🐼 :linux:

Also got a T480 from work. No love there. They just don't make good laptops any more (even discounting the bios issue). I am waiting for the makers to come up with something good. We got there with mechanical keyboards ;)

Now I have come out of the closet about hating Python I find there are many many like-minded people

The plan is to create a scheme-verse working in the scheme-zone. From bootstrap all the way up!

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I have finally installed #guixsd on my laptop. #stumpwm is functional.

Maybe I will blog about the experience.

I think getting fonts I want to use configured properly should be easier.

Installing a fresh system. :linux: :linux: GNU Guix is quietly getting more and more impressive...

Paraphrasing @urbanslug: I am surprised so much bioinformatics code I am seeing is badly written.

Time to change the approach!

Decision #3: switch to mobile banking. I resisted long, but it should be theoretically a tad safer than internet banking now with fingerprint id

Today's decision #2: sign away all my intellectual property to the US federal government (a requirement to use grants) as per chancellors wish. Good thing I write free software only.

Today's decision #1: no more Python. Never liked it, never will.

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I've been playing around with Guix on AWS this weekend.

While I don't particularly like using AWS, it is better with Guix, and thanks to the work Mark Meyer has done, it's pretty easy!

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