I am digging the gemini alt-web. It is rather interesting! And I can do it all from emacs en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_(

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The request was to hide threads by default, after all "People casually using htop usually have no idea what userland threads are for."

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Consider submitting a talk to the “#declarative and #minimalistic computing” devroom at #FOSDEM 2021! 👇

It’ll be a very different FOSDEM this year, but hopefully we can have packed videoconf rooms too (!), with more people from regions of the world usually underrepresented in Brussels.

#GNU #Guile #Mes #Guix #Scheme #Lisp

No meetings today. Shocking. But then I have 16 hours in the next two days. Even more shocking. One good thing about online meetings is that you can continue hacking during presentations.

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Join the #Guix Day #Conference on Sunday! Click the link below to join the conference, from 10am:



there will only be an extended Q&A for each session. See the schedule and links to the talks below:


I'm looking forward to seeing you all. I'm so excited!

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Just ordered the RISC-V SiFive ATX form factor board

We have the map complete! Over 30K public SARS-CoV-2 sequences in a Pangenome available for download covid19.genenetwork.org/. Spot the open data champions!

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Time for me to be annoying again!

The online #Guix Day #conference will take place on November 22, and you have until November 6 to send your proposals!

If there is any subject on which you want to give a talk (15 to 45 minutes, it's up to you), please send your proposal to `guix-days@gnu.org`!

If you do not want to give a talk, but are willing to lead a discussion session on a specific topic during the conference, send us a message too!


It is official: this is the last time I write a research paper in office-style products. Libreoffice is pretty cool, but give me LaTeX or even markdown instead.

I rightly predicted Go would not make it. It is a very different language from Rust, but what they share is being opiniated. I don't trust/like opiniated programming languages (other than being FP, but even purely FP sucks).

I think Rust will go away. I have never seen great coders being so unproductive.

Discovered that the Guile shell gash uses org mode for doctests...

We have a climate crisit IoT working group now!

in the strace GSoC mentor summit room. It is such a useful tool too few people use.

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