Discovered that the Guile shell gash uses org mode for doctests...

We have a climate crisit IoT working group now!

in the strace GSoC mentor summit room. It is such a useful tool too few people use.

At Google Summer of Code summit - nice, I already met 7 people I know.

Best I find is to recurse using match. Like the xpath lib does.

Left my bag on a train with laptop money and what not (I blame jet lag) in the Netherlands. Got it back from the driver on the train's return leg.

Very lucky and very very stressful! I must be running out of luck by now.🚋

Racket gurus: why does match not support nested hash?

Savannah is down. What is going on out there?

What is that sound? A black day for bipedals.

I just found that SWI-Prolog has all the functionality I need to match logic programming with a semantic web triple store.

Eva forgot her Linux laptop at security in Memphis. Now she borrowed a Windows one and complains it is awfully slow. She misses Linux she says. I'll get her back on Linux in a month.

My arm is still in a sling to prevent me from reaching out. But it looks like surgery was a success and I'll be my old self again in a few months.

Psychologically not so clear I am doing better. I don't think I'll ever bike/walk on the road again. Need metal around me until cars become self driving.

At the 12th Biohackathon in Japan. With FOSDEM my favorite conference.

I can type with both hands again. PT said I'll be my good old self in 2 months. Next week Japan Biohackathon!!

good news, i am back 😀
one hand typing with workman kbd layout.

3 weeks in and I am doing alright. A few ribs still hurting and my left back muscle tends to freeze up (spasm) at night. Tomorrow a shoulder operation to rejig two tendons. Should be fine in 2-3 months. I am feeling lucky. It could have been *much* worse. Also met some really fine people on this journey. From the hospital, the police and in the street where the accident happened.

Even better: writing code in Racket is a nice distraction.

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