Having my Mastodon host not working for some time has been a really unusual experience after many years in Facebook world.

In , how can I follow a user from another server, by knowing the user's username and host? I see no widget for searching there.

Can I somehow filter languages in which I see posts?

#Socialhome design concept

Long overdue, but better late than never =)

This concept doesn't strive to be the best solution but aims at exploring ideas on how to change interface to achieve best user experience.

Explanations and thoughts here: gitlab.com/lostinlight/per_asp

Some artwork used is by @davidrevoy

#Fediverse in #design #ui #ux

What's the #Fediverse equivalent of (Facebook) groups? Public or private? Is there? #mastodon

Any service in the which has messenging facility, or integrates well with a messenging service?

Well, ignore my previous post. I've come to a broader question: is there a way to register an account, how to say that - in the itself? So that somehow your toots at a server, your pictures at a instance, your blogs etc. - is the same you, and once someone followed you at any of those, he/she has got all your content.

Can I move my account across servers preserving my posts, followers etc.?

If I search for a tag, am I searching across all the ?

@pioneer @dublinux I feel like at some point the future, the obvious answer here would be NextCloud, but I'm not sure it can address all of those use cases right now.

I'm convinced that every website should be #ActivityPub capable. All dumb walled gardens would be destroyed when we do this.

Scuttlebutt comes close, but misses a few marks. Some features are client dependant. But the underlying application for all is the same server process which you can interact with using scripts or other program processes.

I tried to reply to all inline but ran up over 1000 chars.


@pioneer I don't know of a single suite with all of those, but many of them are available as Nextcloud modules.

Any suggestions for a newbie on what distributed network has the following:
- long posts with good formatting
- comments
- messaging, both private and group chats
- very nice and modern design
- mobile apps for Android and iOS
- events and calendar
- private groups/channels for a limited audience
- moderation, be able to block a user from a group
- cross-posting from and to other services or a way to write a script for that (I'm a programmer myself)

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