Pinafore v1.17.0 

True story: this new Pinafore feature was inspired by me noticing that my wife would always do an extra click in the page margins to get rid of the focus ring. Then I realized I subconsciously did the same thing.

Also props to my old coworker Greg Whitworth at Microsoft for pushing Google folks to finish shipping the :focus-visible CSS standard.

The more I read about it, the more I think this is a really sensible CSS standard, similar to prefers-reduced-motion or prefers-color-scheme (dark mode). Accessibility settings like this should be set globally at the OS level, not on a site-by-site basis.

@nolan wait, is the standard already implemented in major browsers? i used a shim for @meowViewer , but i target firefox 52, so i guess i'll keep using that.

@leip4Ier @meowViewer Firefox implemented an early version called -moz-focusring. I tested it out, and it's very lackluster in my opinion. (It's inconsistent, it flashes the focus ring briefly when clicking, it's based on "you pressed Tab once, now you're a keyboard user forever".)

Short answer: Mozilla and Apple both intend to implement, Chrome has implemented behind a flag and is still working on shipping. But it's part of the CSS Selectors level 4 spec.

Pinafore v1.17.0 

Pinafore v1.17.0 

@jookia I didn't change any of the focus ring colors... which dark theme is low-contrast? Every theme has slightly different focus ring colors.

@pinafore Oh! I just assumed it was intended or wontfix. Thanks for doing the bug report

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