users: what's your preferred way of using Pinafore?

Note that Pinafore has no trackers, so this is really the only way I can figure this stuff out! Thank you 🙇

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@pinafore I don't use pinafore, so I'm not going to vote, but I have tried it, and all of my devices count as desktop in this poll (chrome os is laptop but it's close enough)

@ben Good point, I didn't have enough room to add ChromeOS!

@pinafore desktop and laptop are basically the same thing

ChromeOS is just a very locked-down linux distro anyway

@pinafore tablet is basically mobile, isn't? At least for me the experience is similar.

I'm each time surprised to be reminded that there still are people using social media on a desktop or laptop. To me social media is always mobile (or tablet). That's why I was so confused by this multi column design of Mastodon, which I could only use if I held my device in landscape orientation...

@pinafore if I had a mobile device, I feel like I would use Pinafore quite a bit on it (especially if it was something like the Librem 5 which doesn't have many native apps yet)

I have less of a use for it on desktop (where I prefer the UI of the main website), though I have used it in the past with Firefox's Side View because of its quick loading

@tromino I haven't tested the Librem 5 yet, but assuming it has a decent browser, then yeah, Pinafore should run fine! :)

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