users: do you use the "show large inline images and videos" setting?

The context is that we're trying to figure out if anyone is actually using this setting, or if we can safely remove it.

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@pinafore I'll have to experiment with the setting off for a while, since you say image handling has changed. I was actually thinking that this setting should be a default...

@GidiKroon What do you mean by image handling having changed?

@pinafore sorry, didn't use the right words. I referred to this text "given that @sgenoud's new image system is so much better than the old one". That made me think something had changed in how images are shown with the setting off.

@pinafore ok, I had a check and I'd like to keep the setting, to avoid the following happening with portrait sized photos without focal points (on left, off right). Landscape sized photos are ok. If it means that with the setting on I don't get blur hash, I'm ok with that. Anyway, I'm ok with whatever you decide.

@GidiKroon Interesting, okay. Yes, if people don't set the "focal point"/"preview" property on images, then the preview can look weird like that. This doesn't occur with the "large inline preview" setting. (This is the old default and what I was referring to with Steve Genoud's new system.)

I think if a large percentage of people are using this setting, then there is strong evidence for keeping it, and fixing blurhash so it works with it. :)

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