Pinafore v1.0.0 (1/3) 

Pinafore v1.0.0 (2/3) 

Pinafore v1.0.0 (3/3) 

Re: Pinafore v1.0.0 (3/3) 

Pinafore v1.0.0 (1/3) 

@nightpool Believe me, I was not gonna switch to yarn unless I needed to. I prefer using out-of-the-box tools wherever possible.

The problem is that there's a bug in Webpack ( which is apparently caused by an npm bug (

Switching to yarn fixes the bug, as well as making my CI tests faster because I have to use yarn to run Mastodon anyway. Plus I no longer have weird merge conflicts over package-lock.json (Yarn's lockfile is more sensible).

@nolan @nightpool the second link seems broken...
I was also interested about the switch

Pinafore v1.0.0 (1/3) 

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