Coming soon to Pinafore: switch to an instance directly from the "Instances" setting page, thanks to an excellent contribution by @SuricrasiaOnline

@stardot @pinafore I was thinking maybe if we had the instance list on the same page as the rest of the settings 🤔

just separated by a line or something

@SuricrasiaOnline @pinafore sure, that's probably about as good as it's likely to get unless we can get a switch-instance hot key 🤔


@stardot @SuricrasiaOnline Yes, I think instance switching could still be easier! But this gets us a bit closer at least. :)

@pinafore @SuricrasiaOnline This change is definitely very welcome. I've used it on dev and it improves UX a lot. It was definitely a bug bare for regular users like me who run multiple accounts.

@stardot @SuricrasiaOnline Oh believe me, I switch accounts all the time. :) I was so hung-up on adding one-tap instance switching, though, that I didn't think of this extremely straightforward fix. It's very clever!

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