Pinafore v0.14.0 

This is a big release with lots of new improvements!


- Images/videos are now shown in a more condensed grid, thanks to some great work by @stevegenoud. If you prefer the old style, though, you can switch back in Settings -> General -> "Show large inline images and videos"

- Big perf improvements thanks to upgrading Sapper.

- Pinafore can now be hosted as a static site. Note that this is in beta though, and doesn't support CSP.

Release notes:

Also in Pinafore v0.14.0: the new "Pitch Black" theme by @stevegenoud

For those who really want to paint it black. 😎

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Pinafore v0.14.0 

@pinafore don’t forget the pitch black theme!

@stevegenoud Only 500 characters. 😊 But yes, Pitch Black is awesome!

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