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Pinafore is now on Mastodon! (How meta is that?)

Follow this account for updates on, and toot at us to report bugs or ask for features.

Proof this is us:

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Hi! I need to check up on this thing more. I just saw @marcozehe's blog post linking to some of the changes that happened with #pinafore and #a11y. Man is this client fast. The fact I can use it exclusively with hotkeys rather than screen reader virtual buffers is great. The fact I don't lose my place when looking at a conversation and then closing it is even better.

Pinafore v1.15.4 

If you're using Firefox and having trouble updating to the latest version (the latest is v1.15.3, you can check in Settings -> About Pinafore, and normally a refresh will do the trick), then you can fix it with the following steps:

- Go to about:serviceworkers
- Search for Pinafore
- Click "unregister"
- Reload the page

Sorry for the trouble! You can track this issue here:

Pinafore v1.15.3 

Pinafore v1.15.2 

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@nolan You're welcome! Pinafore is for now by far the most accessible way to use Mastodon. I use it on desktop as well as iOS, both iPhone & iPad, too. So thank you again for getting accessibility in right from the start and making sure the new features you add are also accessible.

Note that Pinafore has no trackers, so this is really the only way I can figure this stuff out! Thank you 馃檱

users: what's your preferred way of using Pinafore?

Pinafore v1.15.1 

users: if you are having trouble playing videos in Pinafore, please comment on this thread and describe your browser/OS/instance so we can get to the bottom of this bug. Thank you! 馃檱

Pinafore v1.15.0 

(And yes, I'm aware that Pinafore is a PWA and can be installed to the home screen. But I'm wondering how many people are even aware that this functionality exists, or if they'd prefer to just get it from the app store like most other apps.)

Note that the app would work exactely the same as in the browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome), but it would have its own app icon and would be downloadable from the App Store / Play Store.

If were available as a mobile app (iOS or Android), would you use it?

Pinafore v1.14.0 

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Does anyone in the fediverse actually have a #KaiOS phone? If I made #Pinafore compatible with it, would you use it?

I would push to production, but the human behind this account is going on vacation away from computer things for a week. Thanks for understanding! 馃彇锔

users: there is a known bug in search on Mastodon v3 instances such as dot social. In the meantime you can use instead.

Pinafore v1.13.1 

Pinafore v1.13.0 

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