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Pinafore is now on Mastodon! (How meta is that?)

Follow this account for updates on, and toot at us to report bugs or ask for features.

Proof this is us:

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#HatTip to @nolan for creating and maintaining a web app that's a joy to use. If you haven't tried using Pinafore with your Mastodon or Pleroma account, I highly recommend it!

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Whoa! I love this layout of @Mastodon courtesy of (it’s a new & smooth UI look). Thanks @nolan for creating this! Also @strypey for letting me know this existed!

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#pinafore recommendation for #a11y keyboard users: on settings, hotkeys, check the box to use left and right arrow to change focus rather than columns. It's a much more convenient function, since you can use numerals for columns (1-6).

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I've finally given #pinafore a try and while it's not for me, it's a fantastic #mastodon interface app alternative! #Accessibility

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Man, pinning it as an app via #Firefox on #Android is SO performant, I literally can't tell that it's not a native app.

Well done, @pinafore #Pinafore devs! 😮

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Related: If you want an actually *snappy* fedi experience, kudos to @nolan because Pinafore is just unbeatable.

Head out to and try it out today!

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@_sven I have been test-driving #pinafore, and I love the interface so far. Just disabled a few things in settings, and it has been way better than the @fosstodon default interface for me. Kudos to the folx behind @pinafore and PWA FTW! #fediverse

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Back on @pinafore after briefly switching back to Mastodon (web) app. Pinafore just has a better UI.

Pinafore v2.2.0 


- Subscriptions (i.e. "notify me when this account posts") (Thanks @oreolek!)
- Option to center the nav bar on large screens (Thanks Rylan Cates!)


- Misskey poll support (Thanks @k for reporting!)

To get the update, simply refresh your browser. Enjoy!

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@brainblasted For me? Pinafore by @nolan
I use it just as a website on desktop, but have it installed as a PWA on my phone. Source code over at

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Just a reminder that #Pinafore is an awesome web app for Mastodon (and Pleroma?). Thanks for @nolan for all his fantastic work on it.

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Since I moved over to a new instance, I figured I'd used today as an excuse to change how I use social media (doubly so because I'm dabbling with the idea of deleting my birdsite account, for predictable reasons to most of you).

I highly suspect I won't miss any of the numbers or other visuals I just disabled. Thanks, @nolan, for implementing this in Pinafore!

Pinafore v2.0.0 

This is a major release due to a breaking change for self-hosters. For self-hosters, the new minimum Node.js version has been bumped to v12.20+, v14.14+, or v16.0+.

Other than that, there are only small bug fixes and perf improvements. Enjoy!

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Masto app developers!

How do you refresh current timeline?

For a long time we used a trick where we took top post id, incremented ID by one and expected that top post to be returned back but it doesn't seem to actually work, you need to increment by some much bigger number.

Would love to hear from you.

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Just switched from Firefox to Vivaldi as my web browser, and I gotta say: It's pretty nice to have @pinafore as a "web panel" sidebar thing so I can stay up with all the toots while doing my normal browsing.

Pinafore v1.24.3 


- Remove Pinafore from FLoC
- a11y fixes

Release notes:

And as always, the best way to update Pinafore is to reload your browser tab. Or you can go to Settings -> Reload and it will do the same thing.

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Pinafore v1.24.0 

New features!

- In the Wellness settings, you can now show absolute timestamps on toots (e.g. "March 14") instead of relative timestamps (e.g. "5 minutes ago"), which may reduce feelings of immediacy/urgency. (Like, "I need to respond right away!") Thanks to @kepstin for this!

- On Windows/Mac, if you add Pinafore as a PWA to your taskbar, you can right-click the icon to see shortcuts to write a new toot and view your notifications.

Release notes:

Pinafore v1.23.0 

- Word/phrase filters: go to Settings -> Instances -> (instance name) to filter words from timelines
- Press "z" to close/hide all CWs in a thread
- Share photos from other apps directly to Pinafore (only on Android/ChromeOS)
- Show unread notifications in PWA app icon (only on Windows/Mac)
- Various bugfixes and perf improvements

Release notes:

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