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Pinafore is now on Mastodon! (How meta is that?)

Follow this account for updates on, and toot at us to report bugs or ask for features.

Proof this is us:

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Whoever recommended #pinafore ( - Thank you! 🙌 The experience is better than any app. I hope @pinafore adds bottom navigation for accessibility on mobile devices.

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@rysiek @harce

I love @pinafore. I manage several accounts in it, both on desktop and as homescreen PWA on mobile.

I like how it allows each account to have its own color theme, helping to visually and mentally separate each mode and space.

It also does well at remembering offsets across many sub navigating so you can always find your way back :)

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Your irregular reminder that @nolan's is an absolutely delightful front-end for Mastodon when you find the TweetDeck-ish default too busy.

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This is a toot from @pinafore using Firefox for MacOS with VoiceOver. Yeah, it works for the most part, exposes one or two bugs we still have in our Mac layer, but because it is so accessible, we can be sure the bug is exactly there and not somewhere else.

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😇🐄 holy cow #pinafore running in a browser is faster than any of the fedi apps on my phone. try it out:

Pinafore v1.20.0 

You can now press "i" as a keyboard shortcut to open images/video/audio. Also, there is an accessibility fix from @krinkle (thank you!) and some other small fixes. Enjoy!

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Gotta say this every so often so ppl are aware:
@nolan ’s is a pleasant and customizable way to use Mastodon.

Question for the community:

Currently, when you click a link to a website in Pinafore, the website doesn't know you came from Pinafore. (In tech terms, the "Referer" header is not sent.)

However, this has side effects in the "extract text from image" feature – it might not work sometimes. What do you prefer?

- Don't tell sites I came from Pinafore
- Tell sites I came from Pinafore

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@erion @marcozehe pinafore is the most accessible tool to date. Every other fediverse tool should model their accessibility efforts after Pinafore

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@nolan Now it also supports working as a PWA in mobile! The experience is great, and even the launcher icon looks awesome.

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Pinafore v1.19.1 

Contains a fix for pinning the bookmarks page (thanks to GitHub user arethsu!), plus slightly nicer PWA icons.

Pinafore v1.19.0 


- Bookmarks support! (Thank you @charlag!) Press "…" on a toot and then "bookmark" to bookmark it. Your bookmarks are in the Community page under "Bookmarks."

- Press "/" to instantly start searching (Thank you GitHub user shinenelson!)

- Nicer "maskable" PWA icons in Firefox/Chrome on Android (may require reinstall)

- Empty timelines no longer show an infinite loading spinner, instead they tell you they're empty (old bug, finally fixed!)

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@galaxis @jk @pinafore pinafore is what I use on my 2009 Thinkpad and it's truly wonderful; can't say enough good things about it.
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Whoohoo, a shiny new version of @pinafore ! With a new Emoji picker! 😄 And totally accessible! 👍️

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