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Pinafore is now on Mastodon! (How meta is that?)

Follow this account for updates on, and toot at us to report bugs or ask for features.

Proof this is us:

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Just a reminder that #Pinafore is an awesome web app for Mastodon (and Pleroma?). Thanks for @nolan for all his fantastic work on it.

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Since I moved over to a new instance, I figured I'd used today as an excuse to change how I use social media (doubly so because I'm dabbling with the idea of deleting my birdsite account, for predictable reasons to most of you).

I highly suspect I won't miss any of the numbers or other visuals I just disabled. Thanks, @nolan, for implementing this in Pinafore!

Pinafore v2.0.0 

This is a major release due to a breaking change for self-hosters. For self-hosters, the new minimum Node.js version has been bumped to v12.20+, v14.14+, or v16.0+.

Other than that, there are only small bug fixes and perf improvements. Enjoy!

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Masto app developers!

How do you refresh current timeline?

For a long time we used a trick where we took top post id, incremented ID by one and expected that top post to be returned back but it doesn't seem to actually work, you need to increment by some much bigger number.

Would love to hear from you.

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Just switched from Firefox to Vivaldi as my web browser, and I gotta say: It's pretty nice to have @pinafore as a "web panel" sidebar thing so I can stay up with all the toots while doing my normal browsing.

Pinafore v1.24.3 


- Remove Pinafore from FLoC
- a11y fixes

Release notes:

And as always, the best way to update Pinafore is to reload your browser tab. Or you can go to Settings -> Reload and it will do the same thing.

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Pinafore v1.24.0 

New features!

- In the Wellness settings, you can now show absolute timestamps on toots (e.g. "March 14") instead of relative timestamps (e.g. "5 minutes ago"), which may reduce feelings of immediacy/urgency. (Like, "I need to respond right away!") Thanks to @kepstin for this!

- On Windows/Mac, if you add Pinafore as a PWA to your taskbar, you can right-click the icon to see shortcuts to write a new toot and view your notifications.

Release notes:

Pinafore v1.23.0 

- Word/phrase filters: go to Settings -> Instances -> (instance name) to filter words from timelines
- Press "z" to close/hide all CWs in a thread
- Share photos from other apps directly to Pinafore (only on Android/ChromeOS)
- Show unread notifications in PWA app icon (only on Windows/Mac)
- Various bugfixes and perf improvements

Release notes:

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Pinafore is turning out to be a pretty darn good “mobile” app for Mastoson/Plemora with a very clean and lightweight interface. It saves as a PWA app to your device’s home screen. Can also host it on your own server. 👍️ @nolan

Pinafore v1.22.0 


- You can now drag-and-drop multiple files to upload multiple at once
- Fix Safari on iOS 13 and below
- Fix emoji picker in Mastodon "secure mode"
- Accessibility fixes

Pinafore v1.21.0 

This release contains some bugfixes, as well as experimental internationalization support. Currently only French and German are supported (thank you @marcozehe for the German translations!), and only if you build your own version of Pinafore using those language strings.

This is intended as a temporary solution to unblock folks who want to host their own version of Pinafore in a language of their choice. Dynamic multilingual support is in development.

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Whoever recommended #pinafore ( - Thank you! 🙌 The experience is better than any app. I hope @pinafore adds bottom navigation for accessibility on mobile devices.

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@softinio @kev @pinafore yeah, I’m using the browser as well. Pinafore is great btw!

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Your irregular reminder that @nolan's is an absolutely delightful front-end for Mastodon when you find the TweetDeck-ish default too busy.

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This is a toot from @pinafore using Firefox for MacOS with VoiceOver. Yeah, it works for the most part, exposes one or two bugs we still have in our Mac layer, but because it is so accessible, we can be sure the bug is exactly there and not somewhere else.

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😇🐄 holy cow #pinafore running in a browser is faster than any of the fedi apps on my phone. try it out:

Pinafore v1.20.0 

You can now press "i" as a keyboard shortcut to open images/video/audio. Also, there is an accessibility fix from @krinkle (thank you!) and some other small fixes. Enjoy!

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Gotta say this every so often so ppl are aware:
@nolan ’s is a pleasant and customizable way to use Mastodon.

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