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Pinafore is now on Mastodon! (How meta is that?)

Follow this account for updates on, and toot at us to report bugs or ask for features.

Proof this is us:

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Pinafore praise, link to birdsite 

Pinafore v1.15.8 

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Fascinating item with #pinafore. I rebooted the server running the pinafore container last night, but it does so much locally that I didn't even realize until now that the server didn't come back up -- had just kept using the same tab without closing it.

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Have to say, after initial startup, it feels fast, and snappy! #pinafore

Pinafore v1.15.7 

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Really enjoying using @pinafore It’s fast, smooth and simple

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Don’t like the official Mastodon client? There is now a @pinafore client available at

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I've got #Pinafore running off my home desktop for the last couple of months -- mostly so I could have a lightweight web client to access Mastodon on my phone without needing a dedicated client.

Today, I decided to try Pinafore on the laptop using only the hotkeys, and hot damn they are well thought out. I might actually start using Pinafore as my primary desktop Mastodon client as well.

Pinafore v1.15.6 

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#Pinafore has this wonderful feature called «wellness settings» (see image), based on the guideline from the Center for Humane Technology, which allows you to hide follower counts, boost counts, favourite counts and unread notifications counts, to reduce gamification.

Boost and favourite counts are hidden by default in the mastodon desktop client as well, and are shown only when you open the toot. In pinafore, if you decide to hide them, you don't see them ever.

Of course all this has effects only inside the pinafore environment.

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New on our Samsung Internet blog from Laura Morinigo “Progressive Web Apps: Making app-like experiences in the browser” (By the way, my favourite #PWA is @pinafore – it does a fabulous job of managing online / offline state.)

Pinafore v1.15.5 

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#pinafore has an interesting #wellness settings which hide follower count, number of boosts/favourite even after clicking the tweet.

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I like that #Pinafore has #digitalwellbeing features in it now. A breath of fresh air for someone like me who is trying to use #ethicaltechnologies more but trying to use #socialmedia a little less at the same time. Great work @nolan!

#fediverse #mastodon #technology #socialnetworks #social

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Hi! I need to check up on this thing more. I just saw @marcozehe's blog post linking to some of the changes that happened with #pinafore and #a11y. Man is this client fast. The fact I can use it exclusively with hotkeys rather than screen reader virtual buffers is great. The fact I don't lose my place when looking at a conversation and then closing it is even better.

Pinafore v1.15.4 

If you're using Firefox and having trouble updating to the latest version (the latest is v1.15.3, you can check in Settings -> About Pinafore, and normally a refresh will do the trick), then you can fix it with the following steps:

- Go to about:serviceworkers
- Search for Pinafore
- Click "unregister"
- Reload the page

Sorry for the trouble! You can track this issue here:

Pinafore v1.15.3 

Pinafore v1.15.2 

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@nolan You're welcome! Pinafore is for now by far the most accessible way to use Mastodon. I use it on desktop as well as iOS, both iPhone & iPad, too. So thank you again for getting accessibility in right from the start and making sure the new features you add are also accessible.

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