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Matias N.

Ok, so it keeps constantly crashing when navigating the menus.

Also, it is a fork of K9 mail, so it does not really add much at the moment (besides all the transparent key sharing stuff).

Where is the source code actually? I really tried and always wind up in a dead end. I would expect a GitHub repo at least.

In any case, the project sounds really interesting.

Not excited about the "we only support unencrypted private keys on Android at the moment" thing, though.

I'm making a habit of reading policy and terms and conditions of any new privacy oriented app or service.

I'm still hoping some day to find a "you agree to donate your first born child to us" clause.

Just tried the blokada app on Android (open-source DNS blocker) and I got immediately blasted with multiple notifications of accesses to blacklisted hosts, while not even running an app in the foreground.

The first and constant notification was about Xiaomi Yi camera app talking to Xiaomi chat servers (they have their own kind off instagram). Did not even realized it was active in the background.

I hope that someday big editorials like these will be frowned upon and open services for publishing your paper and interacting with other scientists become the norm.

Of course, while everyone still measures your academic trajectory by counting papers and looking for impact factor, there are more profound changes to be done for the purpose of better science.

Procrastinating while the dataset downloads from my lab's server so I can continue working on my localization code.

Local newspaper links live feed showing a map in chinese and with metal music in background (?)

Hello. Trying out mastodon. Currently following Tiangong-1 return path to earth.