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Matias N.

If anyone is interested, I'm very slightly tweaking web interface using a user stylesheet, that you can apply with extension (privacy minded fork).

The stylesheet is in a github gist, which you can add to stylus and it will be periodically updated from there.

Actually, I've been using aCalendar for a couple of years. Just recently I started using fastmail and added Google's calendars from there, so maybe they saw that and it triggered this email.

If you like like drawings, Josan Gonzalez's are really good.

Ok, this is creepy. enticing me to go back to using its official calendar app (I'm using ).

BTW, for those interested in robotics, you may be interested in IEEExplore's Video Friday. Cool videos every week.

Very interesting read about the secure means of communication between and journalists

@trevdev I'm currently on fastmail but I would use protonmail if they'd support sending via third-party SMTP through their web interface and their android client would support conversations.

You didn't find these features lacking?

Tip of the day: to avoid receiving a copy of your own messages sent to a from , add a discard rule which tests for existence of "list-id" header and a "from address" with your own address, and then uncheck "do not discard messages sent by my contacts".

Last part is important since you are considered a "known sender" by fastmail filters.

If you haven't done so, go to activity controls and pause everything. Otherwise you are willingly letting Google record your audio and track your location at any time.

Also, you can download your audio recordings and see when you were listened.

Yes, that is the app. It is actually 15 USD. In relation to other apps it is more expensive but I also agree that a one time payment of that amount is justified for the features and quality of the app.

What I'm not thrilled about is the lack of actual contact with developers where to know about planned features or even request new ones. I've sent an email to the authors and received no response yet.

At least it appears to be frequently updated.

On Android I'm trying out . It is expensive but I must stay it is very good compared to any other alternatives (features and privacy wise).

Only missing is actual support for aliases/identities but you can simply add extra accounts and only use them for sending.

Fastmail helps in this sense since it allows sending via their SMTP and relaying via the thirdparty SMTP and place a copy in Sent folder automatically.

After trying out for about a month and finding good enough Android mail app, I decided to subscribe and start migrating from .

For anyone else interested in trying, you can get a 10% discount if you use my referral link (perpetually valid):

New National Library project in Argentina pretends to "modernize" their systems by replacing free software, which describes with negative connotations, with propietary from Microsoft.

(Spanish article)

Seems will soon get a redesigned interface. Just today thinking about how standards imposed by Google become features we look elsewhere.

Just found out that does not support sending using third-party SMTP, as I'm used to do on gmail.

Do not see how I could migrate then, since do not want to loose ability of sending e-mails from these addresses.

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Log in with no password... #WebAuthN is a new standard from @W3C, already implemented in @Firefox, with @GoogleChrome and to follow 👏

While still doesn't officially support Linux with its IMAP/SMTP bridge application (there is a beta, though) and it requires a paid account, there's an interesting open-source third-party bridge called Hydroxide.