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Matias N. @phreakuencies

After trying out for about a month and finding good enough Android mail app, I decided to subscribe and start migrating from .

For anyone else interested in trying, you can get a 10% discount if you use my referral link (perpetually valid):

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On Android I'm trying out . It is expensive but I must stay it is very good compared to any other alternatives (features and privacy wise).

Only missing is actual support for aliases/identities but you can simply add extra accounts and only use them for sending.

Fastmail helps in this sense since it allows sending via their SMTP and relaying via the thirdparty SMTP and place a copy in Sent folder automatically.

@phreakuencies Are you talking about ? When I bought it, it was just 10 bucks (a one time purchase). I won't count that as expensive given how awesome that app is.

Yes, that is the app. It is actually 15 USD. In relation to other apps it is more expensive but I also agree that a one time payment of that amount is justified for the features and quality of the app.

What I'm not thrilled about is the lack of actual contact with developers where to know about planned features or even request new ones. I've sent an email to the authors and received no response yet.

At least it appears to be frequently updated.


> It is actually 15 USD.

Hmm, then I happened to get it for 10 USD when that "this offer can end soon" lasted for about a year or more :)

> In relation to other apps it is more expensive

I have bought quite a few $0.99 apps. But if I count the "$ per second used" for all my purchased apps, Nine definitely would turn out one of the cheapest.

About support, I had to contact them just once (checked my email, back in 2016), and a human replied back in a day: