The onus should be on clients to filter for their user, not on everyone hiding themselves in case someone _might_ have a problem with it. Tagging should be enough.

For example, I cannot share beautiful puzzle solves in the clear simply because they are “Spoilers!” for a puzzle (in a game with hundreds)?! I should be able to tag it as spoiler and leave it at that.

Onus being on everyone sharing instead of the user privileges anodized sensibility, in effect, and it functions as insidious censorship, IMO.

Mastonoob musing:

Is anything to stop anyone from stealing my profile pic and banner to create illicit instance accounts under my handle then impersonate me? If not, then the need for PGP-style signature/account-trail verification becomes CRITICALLY URGENT for Mastodon’s long-term viability, IMO.

Mastonoob question:

How does one “cross post”, given instances are siloed?

For example, I have a puzzle solve for a dearly beloved finger-painting color-wheel puzzler titled “tint.” that I’d like to share not just in an art-themed instance I joined, but also in a gaming one.

I’m not one for allowing tech triumphalism to tout its solutions as silver bullets, for example if the environment is polluted enough then even potable water from it won’t save us, but I do think this technique has a lot of promise because of its eschewing filters, its low energy inputs, and its relatively simple componentry (e.g. no motor):

MIT Engineers Created a Portable Device that Zaps Seawater to Make Drinking Water | The Daily Beast

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