Mastonoob question:

How does one “cross post”, given instances are siloed?

For example, I have a puzzle solve for a dearly beloved finger-painting color-wheel puzzler titled “tint.” that I’d like to share not just in an art-themed instance I joined, but also in a gaming one.

@philodygmn What do you mean with siloed?
People can follow you across instances, hence your posts will be visible outside of your instance.
Hashtag searches should be cross instance too as long as somebody in your instance follows somebody that used the hashtag (this is my intuitive understanding, I may be wrong).

@signaleleven @philodygmn I think as long as someone here followed an account elsewhere, this server would pull that account into the "federated feed" (and also in local hashtag searches and stuff).

@philodygmn I'm not sure what you're asking, but:
If you want it to show up on the main feed of people that follow you, just post it. All your followers should see it.
If you want to have something show up on the local timeline of a certain instance, you have to post it using an account on that instance.
If you want it to show up on the global timeline of a certain instance, make sure someone there is following you and post as normal. (I'm not 100% that someone needs to follow you first)

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