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Posted yesterday, but got no responses, gonna try again. Looking for replies with users on Mastodon left I should follow! Looking for more radical queer, radical anti-cap, radical feminist, or radical POC voices to follow and amplify. :transgender_flag: :pride_flag: :bi_flag: 🌹✊♀️

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Who are the best voices of the left out there you follow on Mastodon? Who is at the forefront of change on this platform? As I continue to migrate away from Twitter and Facebook, I'm looking for strong voices of the left to fill my feed.

Real Talk: BreadTube, How Can We Discuss Race?

The goal of this video is to try to make leftist spaces more welcoming and understanding of black people, so we can all collaboratively and meaningfully disc...

Anti-fascists linked to zero murders in the US in 25 years

As Trump rails against ‘far-left’ fascism, new database shows leftwing attacks have left far fewer people dead than violence by rightwing extremists

DECOLONISING GAMES - Conquest of Dread

Kia ora e hoa, this time I'm gonna introduce you to a couple of concepts we often talk about in discussions of "Decolonisation", what they are, how they some...

Manufacturing Consent: How the News Media Distorts Reality // Noam Chomsky & Michael Parenti Summary

Noam Chomsky's Manufacturing consent & Michael Parenti's Inventing Reality are summarized and explained here. Find out just exactly how your news media is bi...

America is a Nation of [T***] - CENSORED VIDEO!!!

This is my most censored video on T***. I hope you enjoy what's left of it! Here's the original: -----SUPPORT NON-COMPETE---- Pa...

Your Democracy is a Sham and Here's Why:

The corruption of your democracy goes much deeper than just 'money in politics' patreon: twitter:

Why The Political Compass is Wrong: Establishing An Accurate Model of Political Ideology

The Political compass is wrong. ALL our mainstream models of politics and ideology are embarrassingly wrong. After outlining how these models are flawed, thi...

Blaire White, JK Rowling | Science Denial, A Master Course

A response to Blaire White's “JK Rowling Said I Am Biologically Male” video regarding her defense of JK Rowling. Patreon - T...

Well this is upsetting

'Glee' actress Naya Rivera is missing after renting a boat with 4-year-old son in Lake Piru

Officials are searching for actress Naya Rivera after her 4-year-old son was found alone on a boat she rented Wednesday afternoon, officials said.

Los Angeles Times: 'Glee' actress Naya Rivera is missing after renting a boat with 4-year-old son in Lake Piru.

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im being cancelled¹ for posting my simple opinion² by the woke³ police!

¹ criticized

² bigotry

³ people who want human rights

Need recommendations on black and brown leftists' podcasts. Go!

Bad Comrades

Bad Bad Comrade... Email me Follow Me on Twitter for video announcements and other junk Follow me and maybe...

I'm Tired...

So very tired..... Email me Follow Me on Twitter for video announcements and other junk Follow me and maybe...

Facebook hit with complaint alleging widespread bias against Black workers

A Black Facebook Inc worker on Thursday filed a complaint claiming the social media giant's stated commitment to diversity and civil rights, including its support for the Black Lives Matter movement, masks widespread discrimination against Black workers.

How the Far-Right Weaponizes Nostalgia

Donate to 70+ Mutual Aid groups, bail funds, and racial justice organizations. Support me on Patreo...

Open SmartNews to read 'A new video emerged of a white Tulsa security guard killing a Black father on the eve of President Trump’s reelection campaign rally in the city' here: or you can directly access the content using this link here:

This movie is 19 years old, adapted from a play from 24 years ago, based on a concept from 31 years ago, based on the BPP 10 point platform from 54 years ago, and every minute of it (except the vegetarian joke) is 100% relevant still to this day.

Watch this movie. Now.

A Huey P. Newton Story (TV Movie 2001) - IMDb

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