Whole Phil: How to Un-Dread the Holidays! - Phillip J Reese

This week I'm joined by a special guest named my sister Jillian, to discuss how to un-dread the holidays!


Procrastinate now! Don't put it off!

Whole Phil Podcast: Procrastination - Phillip J Reese

Don't procrastinate on listening to my latest episode!


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Whole Phil podcast: Self Care! - Phillip J Reese

The newest episode of my podcast, Whole Phil, is out. Self Care is the topic. What do you think?


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Self Care: WPP Nov 10, 2019

What is -- and isn't -- self care.


Cover your kids' ears!

Get your Whole Phil right here! - Phillip J Reese

A new podcast where I talk about whatever I want, with whomever I want, and do whatever I want!


Halloween may be over, but there's still something scary out there in the dark!

The Ritual of the Dark - Phillip J Reese

The reason your nights are scarily sleepless, and the source of your doom and gloom...


My latest blog post: Well FLUX YOU!

Some meditations on my current spiritual and philosophical studies.


Louisiana legislature passes a ban on abortion after six weeks. The state’s Democratic governor has said he is likely to sign it.


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Caruana Galizia: Malta criticised over journalist murder probe bbc.in/2I4LRh8

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Israel to hold fresh election as Netanyahu fails to form coalition bbc.in/2EGZy50

"The brain is an organ that controls the central nervous system. The vast majority of what the brain — the organ — controls are unconscious processes. Despite the fact that it feels like the contrary, our brain does not spend the majority of it’s energy on the goings on of “the mind.”"

Are you mental? - Phillip J Reese phillipjreese.com/front-page/a

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"The work speaks for itself" - US Special Counsel Robert Mueller says any testimony would not go beyond the written Russia-Trump report, saying it's "not appropriate to speak further"



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