I really ought to introduce myself! I'm a zend certified java developer, and I currently work for as a backend developer in the UK.

I recently migrated from I'm not very skilled at this whole "social media" malarkey, but hope that i'm able to make a positive contribution to this community.

@pharalia Welcome Michael, I've been on Twitter forever but only dove into using it and now these fediverse alternatives over the past couple months.

A main area of interest for me is how social networking can be beneficial and optimized for use in a healthy way to serve individuals and communities.

Never got into java, but had a great time with #php. Now mostly do #python and looking at #ruby since Mastodon and Diaspora use it.

@pharalia Welcome to the party!

You mention being a Java guy at I thought booking was a largely Perl shop. Am I misinformed?

@profoundlynerdy it's a good mix to be honest, as far as I understand. I don't work for accommodations, I believe they use Perl quite a lot. I work for trips / transport side of the business who are more Java oriented.

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