#Google 'betrays patient trust' with DeepMind Health move


Moving healthcare subsidiary into main company breaks pledge that ‘data will not be connected to Google accounts’

hahaha! who's pretending to be surprised?

#FuckOffGoogle #CentralizedHazard #ProfileEveyone

"Who says only those who know to write codes can build an app? With the jump in drag & drop app builders, we will see more people venture into developing mobile apps without writing a single line of code."

One does not have to know how a car works to drive it. But still you need to have a driving license which proofs you have at least a clue about what you are doing… 😬


"[…] one of the primary failings of most today: It’s built for enterprises, not for people employed by the enterprises […]"


I stopped caring about birthdays after the disappointment of my 11th birthday. I did not get any letter.

I learned about Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of just yesterday. I need to see that.

Medical offices are still asking for sending things via . Who in 2018 with a maximum age of 30 owns such device? I do not know a single person.

Multibillion dollar companies like and constantly work on products they are earning their money with, yet there are always many people unsatisfied. One cannot please all the people all the time. There simply are different needs and expectations. The latter renders generalizations like "platform X is better than Y" absurd.

The enhanced sandboxing of apps on Mojave has a weird side effect: requests access to contacts when opening an FX chain.

A global menu is the best thing to have in a top bar (in my humble opinion). Unfortunately the diversity of tool kits and standards on Linux makes this only partially available in GNOME and KDE.

The top bar in and never really convinced me. It occupies relatively much space. At least on small displays it feels like too much. Sometimes every Pixel counts. 😀 It has no use except to display a clock and system status. At least for me. Yet those two are enough to not get rid of the bar. Combining it into a dock like the traditional bottom bar on Windows or KDE would result in a no so neat appearance. What a quagmire. 🤔

It is really annoying when companies like require you to authenticate four times including Google ReCaptcha just for the simple matter to send a customer message…

The standard is neat and fun! 😍 Especially with the Swagger Editor…

Just because you can it does not mean you should. For example: implement getters and computational functions inside a self-contained module which are not used. It is not even sure, they will ever be used. But their code need to be maintained though. Why do some people not understand that? I just remembered that from a situation two years ago.

I did not know is on . Yet another project worth supporting. 🙂

Where do trends come from? In example this childish organic color bubbles which appear to be on the rise.

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