I disapprove adopting annoying ideas from . Now two clicks are necessary to move developer tools to right of the browser window.

The problem with dark user interfaces are the blinding websites you occasionally visit.

Voice control is the next big thing they say. Voice control is much more convenient they say.

Technology impresses me very often. Like this morning when the sleep time feature of my high-tech smartphone tried to wake me up but forgot to make a sound. Some minutes and a reboot later everything is back to normal. This is 2019. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Argh, the latest Chrome did not just broke source file mapping but also Debugging in WebStorm. I hate that there are no alternatives (for the debugging).

It actually must be a sad life writing lengthy comments on niche websites ranting about smartphone brands.

Those people in the comment section fighting about which device is superior always argue with the many things they *can* do. 🙄 Who cares? Those arguments are pointless. What matters is what a person *wants* it to do and how good it does that. Personal requirements of others are necessary to understand here. Many people project their own unto others and are incapable of imaging that other people have other priorities…

The moon in earth's shadow. Now, a few minutes after, it slowly is emerging back into the sunlight. It makes me think again about gravity and how these large marbles interact so slow but powerfully.

I would really like to know where some people from Kongo or Russia have my mobile phone number from. Even though I reject calls from suspicious numbers it still is annoying, though. Happen once in a few months.

If your concept of “usability” is “make it exactly the same as it was 20 years ago,” you're ignoring 20 years of improvements in input methods, hardware, software, user expectations, conventions, and technology in general. So I'm going to ignore you.



Seen in while visiting a Black Dahlia Murder concert this summer. A delight.

Non working source code is a failure of communicating to the machine what it is supposed to do.

Incomprehensible source code is a failure of communicating to other developers what the machine is supposed to do.

I once picked up a valuable advice: source code should be written for the people who will read it later. The computer always understands.

Do not define helper functions in the script block but outside of the component object in single file components. The code is either part of the component as a method or not at all. This simplifies testing with Vue Test Utils a lot and keeps the code structured nicely.

With the focus on gaining expert knowledge (leaving all the socialising aside): What advantage does a have over just searching the internet?

Never try to outsmart a framework without knowing everything it does first. You might end up duplicating already existing features which might break your whole application.

On a serious note: I have no use for such car and I would never pay so much for a car. It is totally inferior to the cost efficiency and versatility of my trusty old .

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