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Peter Thomas Horn

I do not know how much longer I can stand that amount of advertisement on . 😶

After reading about disenchantment earlier I remembered Hyper and I am not sure whether it is something to laugh or to cry about. WTF people, an based terminal? That is a monstrosity!

After reading "Everything Is Broken" I had on of the rare moments asking myself why I am not becoming a vegetable farmer instead of software developer.

was breaking many websites with an "intervention" to benefit first and foremost their own product instead of the web. Did not know about that yet.

Quote: We just throw barely baked shit out there, hope for the best and call it “startup wisdom”.

After being used to for several years Spotlight seems quite useless with seconds of delay.

Okay, searching for "node pigz" (multithreaded GZip for Node.js) with renders a lot of "nude pics" results. 😄

Social media is so full of hatred and cynicism. It's ironic.

Social media like can quickly develop into a threat to and the society as we know for their filter bubbles like has.

You cannot beat the performance of static files.

I used to like for its efficiency, simplicity and desktop client. It is sad to see is following the trend of all this annoying messengers and bloat it with 💩 features. It dissolves its USP.

The best is the one you do not even notice being there. It lets you focus on work while enabling you to be more productive.

WTF is still using for their online configurator. 😳

"[…] With a social media login, users are stuck for life. If they decide to delete their social media profile, they are no longer able to use it as a Single-Sign-On." I never thought of that before. 😟 Luckily I never even started using that…

Some serious #privacy invading and #PeopleFarming bs...
" #Google & Mastercard reportedly partner to track offline purchases -
Advertisers can upload an email database to match up offline sales with Google profiles and ad clicks. Google sends them reports with total offline sales. Advertisers then see how much money they generated thanks to their online ad campaign." #FuckOffGoogle

@cassidyjames Were there any ideas in the past about a web service tailored for and to enrich elementary OS?

Chrome team thinks URLs suck. You suck Google, the problem is you...

Google Wants to Kill the URL

“But it’s important we do something, because everyone is unsatisfied by URLs. They kind of suck."


(The) (store) became very weird in the recent years. I click cancel on a confirm dialog of buying a film and CPU load is off the charts until I kill it with fire.