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Hotfix 0.8.2 released with fixes in index concurrent operations

Hotfix 0.8.1 just released with a fix on a free page management regrassion introduced in 0.8.0

New minor release 0.8 is out with revisited API and performance improvements, read more here:

Released 0.7.1 with fixes on recovery in case of crash while prepare_commit is running

Persy 0.7 just released with fixes and a new set of APIs, release post here:

Released 0.6.1, 0.6.2, 0.5.2 with fixes on concurrent operations

Released 0.6.0 with a big set of features and improvements, check out:

Release 0.5.1 hotfix with important fix on memory reset.

Persy 0.4.2 released with a revisited&fixed index algorithm, plus fix on segment page free

Persy 0.4.1 jsut released with important fix on transactions with a big sets of updates

Just discovered the first published crate depending on Persy, enjoy:

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