Release 1.1 is out, mostly include performance improvements, release post:

After 5 years of development, Persy 1.0 is out, checkout the relese post here

Released persy 0.11.14 with fixes in cache management and operation on not existing records

Release 0.11.13 hotfix, bringing back the possibility to compile persy with older rust versions

Released 0.11.12 hotfix, with fixes on disc space reuse.

Persy 0.11.11 released with fixes on indexes and disk cleanup when using background fsync, update for stability!!

Last known concurrency issue fixed and released in persy 0.11.9 just now, one step closer to 1.0!

Released persy 0.11.8 closing all the know durability issues!!

Release 0.11.7 hotfix with improvements on resilience in case of crash

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Simple post to guide you do handle persistent data migration with structsy

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Release of structys 0.3 with a big set of new features is out, more info at:

persy 0.11.5 released with fixes on disc cleanup logic

release persy 0.11.4 with fixes on journal cleaning and file trimming

new hotfix release 0.11.3 out with fixes related to the recovery procedure when files were trimmed

release 0.11.2 hotfix with fixes on concurrent changes on multiple indexes

After a few months new release of persy is out, check out the details here: the last step before 1.0

New big release out, a lot of changes and improvements, from performances to stability and usability, here a quite detailed release post:

Just released a new version 0.9, with better support for indexes and better performances, more details on the release here :

Hotfix 0.8.3 released with the fix of index range API

Hotfix 0.8.3 released with the fix of index range API

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