As we get ready to release new ISO's this month one of the additions to the ISO is the Peppermint Update Manager..if you would like to use this tool you can follow these steps to install it:

We have been throwing ideas around for setting the Calamares installer features....... :blobpats:
If you have a free moment please have a read at this posting....your feedback would be most helpful to us.

MX Cleanup, which is already a terrific tool, has added an easy way to remove old kernels--which is otherwise a somewhat complicated process for many users.

Spreading the love the developers over at AcorOS which partner with us a lot for collaboration have just migrated all their codebase over to :blobheart:

Since we are coming along on our Devuan is an idea for branding it..... :blobcatthinksmart:

Big thank you! to :blobheart: they have approved our application for VPS hosting...This will help PeppermintOS tremendously as we prepare to release 32 bit Debian as well as 64 and 32 bit Devuan .... again thank you! :blobaww:

We have been testing 32 bit Debian and Devuan spins of Peppermint. So far things have been testing well. Devuan we stuck with sysvinit. :blobcoffee: any thoughts on sysv?

Enjoying being part of Team PeppermintOS.
Our Linux distro has went through a few changes:
a) Now based on Debian (11 Bullseye Stable)
b) Forum has moved to a Community area on SourceForge
Check it out:
#PeppermintOS #Linux

“Ragout2” released. Respin unites Raspberry Pi with MX-Linux and offers two lightweight window managers: Fluxbox and Openbox.


--Intro video:


I got bored the other day and didn't want to do work or learn anything new so...

A distro I use, PCLinuxOS, has been publishing a Linux and Life style magazine for many years.
They just released the latest issue for March 2022.

We have moved away from our legacy forums, to sourceforge.....come join us if you can

We are testing that 32bit....probably will see a full release sometime in March :blobcatthinksmart:

Updated 64bit ISO has been posted.... just a few minor changes to the Peppermint HUB :blobcoffee:

My updated crazy setup:
> PCLinuxOS Trinity on Alienware M15x A07
> Peppermint OS on Alienware M15x A08
> Solus Budgie on System76 Thelio
> PCLinuxOS Plasma on Dell Optiplex 755 (via AnyDesk)

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