It’s happening. I’m signing up for an intensive German course :ablobcatrainbow:

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Anybody out there hosting highly available mastodon instances anywhere?

Is there a web framework that, like has become the foundation of many other amazing open source projects like GitLab, Mastodon, Discourse, Decidim? If not, I wonder what’s special about Rails that continues to be the go-to choice for open-source platforms 🤨. Any guesses?

@CodingItWrong and you end up behaving the way they expect you to behave to benefit their business model…

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In my #indieweb adventures I have now also moved my newsletter to my own server. Decided on a Ghost implementation for this in the end, so anyone can use RSS to subscribe instead of email if they like.

This means my two blogs, the newsletter and the @wildexploits cartoon are all now on Ghost instances on my VPS. Also running my own Mastodon and Pixelfed instances. And Hedgedoc, a collaborative markdown editor I really like.

All this has happened very fast 😅

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I highly recommend setting the language of your posts, as this helps people using screen readers. The content is automatically read with the correct voice and pronunciation. This feature of setting the language of your post isn't implemented in all apps yet, but works well in the web interface.

If you only post in one language you can set a default (but do remember to set that default if it's not English).

Also, it helps people filter posts from specific languages.

#a11y #accessibility

I’m that weird developer that unless I find a good project to apply a programming language that I’m learning, I don’t do anything. And this is why everything I’ve learned about Rust until know is mostly theoretical

📚 Theory: Let's embrace UNIX's principle of building many small and composable packages that do one thing well
👩‍💻 Practice: Many lack a decent suite of tests to detect breaking changes and therefore follow Semver wrongly
💥 Result: It fails? Delete node_modules

Does anyone know a Node package that makes use of conditional exports? I’m considering them for @gestaltjs and I was looking for some references

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Tell me again how this conflict is not about fossil fuels. Tell me again how we care deeply about human fucking rights. Tell me again that we're building back better. Tell me again to vote blue no matter who.

Despite earning enough money for living, the thought of “what if I earned more?” keeps coming back from time to time and I need to make an effort to re-program it. All it takes me to do so is to think that more money won’t bring more joy or happiness. In fact, it brings the risk of making me feel miserable.

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@ctietze right? That happens to me, and then I have to re-program that thought with: Pedro, you don’t need more money. You should gear your energy toward doing things that bring you more joy.

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