¿Por qué avanzar si se puede retroceder? 😔

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Sabéis cuál es la 1ª medida de Vox para las que han enviado al portal de trasparencia de Andalucía?

Suprimir la autonomía catalana. No es broma

La 2ª? Ilegalizar ONG´s

La 3ª? Más banderas y el himno más alto

La 4ª? El español

En Andalucía


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📆 We're heading to London for an evening of drinks, technical talks, networking, and more! Join us at @TheTrampery@twitter.com on June 8th with:
👤 Shopify CTO, @Leinwand@twitter.com
👤 Director of Eng, @jstanier@twitter.com
👤 Sr. Dev Manager, @olasitarska@twitter.com

RSVP for the free meetup 👉 bit.ly/3lVen92

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Does anyone know how to set up for iOS to store the graph on Google Drive?

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Cypress 10.0 merged into develop. It'll be on npm soon enough 🙂

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Dark mode has gone a long way 😝

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You can now use Markdown to determine different images to show up depending on if a user has a light or dark theme ☀️ 🌔


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Building digital experiences that disregard languages is a recipe for a bad accessibility. Because Mastodon is an open source project, its community proposed and contributed some nice improvements in that area.

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Tuist cloud will now show you a graph of your cache hit rate over time 🤯
Get started with the docs here: docs.tuist.io/cloud/get-starte

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If you are looking for a great open source design tool, check out Penpot github.com/penpot/penpot. It's a great, built in Spain upon web standards and by a company with human principles

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