I managed to quit Facebook, Instagram, and I’d like to put Twitter aside too. I feel the three social networks have carved out the worst out of me and I’ve lost ownership of my attention.

@pepicrft I've really enjoyed having quit Facebook and Twitter, and you strike me as someone who will find the kind of community they want on the fediverse in general and mastodon.technology in particular 👍

@CodingItWrong @pepicrft I’ve been completed deleted off Facebook proper since 2016, but I find Instagram the harder one to give up.

@vmstan @CodingItWrong I can imagine. I have to say it feels weird taking photos without uploading them, but I don’t miss the endless scrolling through the stories.

@pepicrft @CodingItWrong yeah I don’t care for Stories. I miss the good old days of just chronological pictures.

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