This might be a bit subjective, I continue to find Javascript’s syntax not to be as pleasant to work with as Ruby’s. Does anyone know a Javascript project that challenges the above opinion?

I've been enjoying learning Rescript lately, the syntax purposfully looks similar to JS but the language works like Ocaml, which I've found much easier to get on with than either JS or TypeScript. ClojureScript was another interesting one but the tooling was too resource hungry on my modest machine.

@pepicrft I agree with you and no. You should check out Elixir if you haven’t yet!

@pepicrft it reads like ruby but it’s a functional language with immutable variables and focus on parallel execution

@pepicrft I think that’s fair. What I like about JS:
– Many libraries
– Can be used for many things
– Option to use TypeScript

What is it that particularly bothers you about its syntax? Simulated named parameters (*) help me:

function selectEntries({start=0, end=-1, step=1}) {
// ···


@rauschma I agree with those upsides of the language. Also, I didn’t know that trick is called simulated named parameters, I use it in pretty much any method. Overall the syntax feels too verbose compared to Javascript, specially due to parenthesis and nesting. It got better with async/await though.

@pepicrft Makes sense, yes! Arrow functions also help a little (since ES6).

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