@Flarnie is it too early to welcome you back to vim? 😃

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From Twitter -
“ Just to be clear, when the Home Office says "put children's safety first" what they mean is "backdoor everyone's end-to-end encrypted communications." This is a cynical and vile attack on everyone's privacy masquerading as concern for children.”

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Today - found fzf, which is a handy fuzzy finder that can be integrated with Vim. Faster than ctrl-p and way easier to set up than command-t.

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"sceptic" but "schedule"

English is hilarious. (American speakers won't find this quite as funny.)

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Advent of Code day 3 hint/question 

Did you use recursion or iteration to solve the Day 3 puzzle?

@Flarnie Definitely fun, though I have found it difficult to get each day's challenges done on the same day.. there's usually a lag of several days.

@DeveloperMemes Especially biting in that Norrington is apparently a web browser, and responsible for constantly running terrifically bad code.

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TIL the assumption that string length does not change when upper-cased is false!

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Hey web devs - please make your apps work across browsers, because if we don’t, and Chrome becomes a monopoly, then we won’t have any alternatives when Google makes a harmful decision like allowing blocking of “use source”.

@Flarnie That episode was packed with lots of little tips and other bits of wisdom. Surprisingly good for meditating while cycling. 🚴‍♂️🤓👨🏼‍💻

@Flarnie I particularly liked that bit. And I'm glad you found it interesting. 😀

@Flarnie Just heard this podcast episode today related to this question.

Two engineers at Jane Street (janestreet.com/ - an OCaml shop) go in-depth discussing the different forms and motives for, as well as the fallacies surrounding comments and documentation in general.

(Audio content is below transcript)


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Please boost:

A screen reader for Linux (GUI) is being developed in Rust. If anyone knows Rust and would like to help, or to just view the great work taking shape here, see:


#a11y #accessibility #blind #screenreader #coding #rust

@delve If you're a SWE developing for cloud platforms, do you select the cloud OS? Or the machine you use to edit source and Dockerfiles?

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U.S. Government subpoenas for user data. Signal's response? "Sorry. Can't." This genuinely made me .


@Flarnie @isagalaev
The "code should be self-documenting" axiom is noble, but geared more toward describing WHAT code does.
Sometimes a comment is the best way to document WHY code is written the way it is.

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